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Just found out Im pregnant... Happy but so scared!!!!

Hi ladies... I have just found out Im pregnant.... I believe Im about 5 weeks. Went GP on wednesday for the 1st time... She just send my urine sample to double check. Not sure what happens next. Is it hospital, blood tests...?

I am happy because I want to be a mum. Im turning 28 this coming week. But I am so scared!!! I dont ever go doctors or hospitals... I mean, I have been too often the past 3 years as my fiancee has had 3 spine operation in the space of 2 years and in feb this year he was diagnosed with Kidney cancer. Thank God, we acted quick and so far so good. It seems that they have managed to extract the all thing out and he is ok.

But as I said, for myself I never go doctors. Thank God I have been healthy, so no need to go. But in general I am scared of needles. I use to cry with vacinattion. I think its mostly cause I get myself in a state....just worry and fear rather that the pain itself.

So I am terrief of the labour... I dont know what to expect from now on. Please any advice and support....is very welcome.


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arrrhh! Congratulations 1st of all for your pregnancy

The next thing to happen is your G.P will refer you & your details to a community midwife who you will see (usually at your G.P surgery) & will go through some of the details in the "green pregnancy notes book", she will then ask you questions about how your feeling & then refer you to your nearest maternity dept hospital for your 1st scan (which is usually between 10 - 12 wks of pregnancy)

I'm due to have my 2nd child in November of this year & I also get a Lil scared about labour & child birth so your not alone, But as the pregnancy goes on you'll probably have alot more to think about .

take care



oohh Thank you!!! and congratulations to you too Abenna!!! 2nd one!!

What do you mean about a lot more to think about regarding to pregancy?

how are you feeling? Did you fell different on your first pregancy?



I haven't felt "massivily" different with this pregnancy but i can honestly say ive got more aches & pains this time around.

I dont wanna scare u, or worry you any further with the details as every woman & child is different & before you even realise you'll be holding your Lil one in your arms.



Firstly congratulations. Did ur gp say they would get midwife to contact you or do you need to do that as some places differ but you shud hav ur first midwife app at 9 weeks which is where she will fill in forms with u and weigh u and check your blood pressure. Trust me scared is a normal feeling but with what ur partner has gone through I am sure you will be able to do this. You hav bloods taken at 12 and 28 weeks and then I had whooping cough (which is optional at 28 weeks) but dnt worry none of them hurt and its all got ur baby. Being scared of labour is normal too I think in my case its more fear of the unknown but hes got too come out somehow and at 34 weeks the realisation is getting very near. But ur midwife will be able to talk to you about your fears, my advice is write down questions tht you want to ask your midwife because when you're asked you forget least if u hav it written down then you can cover what u need to ask. Main thing is look after yourself and relax as this is a roller coaster adventure and for me has been filled with lots of highs and a few lows but will all be worth it. Xx


Hi Ceribean, Thank you!!! Congratulations to you too hun!! Well I only went GP on wednesday and she sent my urine to re-do the pregancy test to confirm. She just asked me what hospital I would prefer I assume for any scans and for birth... I think I will receive a letter for my first scan in a few weeks. Thats when I will see my midwife for the first time.

Thank you for your confidence in me. Yes, its true. We have been through a lot. And I am always strong for him and I fight for us and to keep our home and his kids on top. ...But I always leave myself to last...

And in this case, its all about me. I have got to do it all "by myself!!" Thats why I am so scared!! As you said... its the fear of the unknown!! And in my case the pain!!! Hospital!!! Injections!!! :(((((

How are you feeling? What is the due date that they have given you? Is it your first one?

Thanks for your support.

Its so nice to be able to talk to someone that understand. Specially that I havent told anyone yet.




I saw the midwife at around 10 weeks, and she talked me through all the appointments and everything that would happen next. So don't panic, you'll get help! Congratulations, and do talk to your midwife about anything that's worrying you.


Congratulations on the wonderful journey that is pregnancy and motherhood :-) its amazing xx


Thank you so much!

I am so scared of the all process and specially the labour bit!! x


I wont lie labour is not pleasant but I promise you as soon as you hold that tiny baby all pain and unpleasantness is forgotten :-) its just the final step in bringing your baby into the world and ive gone back and done it again and again lol you will be absolutely fine trust your body iy knows what its doing xxx


Thank you for your support. I hope you are right! I am petrified xx


HI Cris & everyone,

I felt very similar on my first pregnancy - I wasn't terrified of the pain of labour as I figured that lots of women have given birth through history and people told me what 2 princes has said - that it is soon forgotten once baby is there. The fear for me was, like you about hospitals, needles and all that. I decided to plan to give birth at home. I didn't have a homebirth with my first child in the end but did with my others and plan one with my next (I'm 11 weeks). I am not saying this is the way forward for you Cris - only you know what is right for you but I would encourage you to look into all your options (you have lots of time to think it all through) for where you can give birth (local birth centres as well as hospitals or home) as somewhere more low tech and less medical feeling might help you to feel calmer which can have a huge influence on how birth goes. If you are anxious about needing medical assistance then a birth centre attached to a hospital might give you the best of both worlds. You have the right to choose where you want to go - it doesn't have to be your local unit - though obviously it needs to be reasonably close. When you are a bit further along you can have a look around anywhere that interests you and find out where feels right - animals do this but we tend not to! As 2princes says your body absolutely knows what to do and unless there is a medical reason why not the more you are uninterfered with and your body is allowed to do it's thing without you feeling under pressure or 'watched' the better. Do tell your midwife you are feeling scared up front - she really can help. All the very best.


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