Not Feeling great today

I'm doing absolutely exhausted today my stomach feels tight and uncomfortable. .I feel sick and really tired struggling to keep my eyes open today! Think I need to go back to bed and start again! Think I've been doing too much but I'm so on mission to get the house spick and span.... so much to do! !! Could Really use a Mary poppins today and for the rest of the week :)


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11 Replies

  • Aww hun I think you need a duvet day and watch some movies :-) everything else can wait till tomorrow well except feeding the kiddies and yourself and bubs. Have a lazy day hun and just chill :-) xxx

  • I agree, you need to rest! Have a you day and look after yourself....get back into super mummy mode!

  • Duvet day sounds amazin! ... on list of things to do today.... xx

  • I think its mainly down to the weather we've been having.

    Im 25+ weeks "this week" & i feel knackered & heavy most days.

    The only motivation i have right now is the fact ive got to find some ways to entertain my 4yr old son during the summer holidays. If not this i'd probably hibernate in my bedroom every day LOL!!

    I intend to take it easy (hopefully) for today then it'll be back to normal tommrow. Give yourself a well deserved rest & you'll feel at least a bit more human by tommrow


  • No such joy my little boys are driving me nuts....have to go to ikea to get some drawers for the baby...and return some stuff to next....roll on bed time !

  • Ah no rest for the wicked ;-)

  • Ah yes, just got the 1 boy but still insists on driving me mad.

    we've just gone through some of his baby sister's stuff which suprisingly calmed him down for about an hour

    Ah yes ROLL ON BED TIME!!


  • A good advice from midwife: don't feel guilty about needing to rest. Just do as your body tells you. She said: forget about 8 hours of sleep. Just sleep whenever you can :-)

  • Think what my problem is when I feel ok I make the most of it but then over do it! I'm in bed now.... so a few good nites sleep will def help I'm sure :)

  • Hello lovely how long have you got to go now. Sounds like you need to chill forget about chores and just catch up on your sleep. X

  • 28 weeks Fri.... thing is I am not sleeping that great wake up a couple of times in the night have a little walk around but then my boys are up at 6.30! Managed to have an afternoon nap as my daughter was here so doing a bit better x

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