Feeling Lucky x

Just wanted to share my happy feelings with you all, it's a little while since I last put anything on here so I hope your all doing well .....

It's 7.18 am on a rainy Sunday morning and I'm laid in bed and looked across at my hubby and realised how much I love him. He has been very patient and supportive and I feel very grateful to have such an amazing man in my life.

I am 25 weeks and feeling great.... I have bad back ache/ failing sleep / tummy growth pains and a little baby Herman (we don't know if its a 'her' or a 'man' hence the nickname) who keeps sitting very low and playing with my bladder.... But you know what life's good !!

Still not started the nursery as house on the market so just waiting until the end of August and then we will get going with it. But we know what we are doing so its no major panic . Work is quite hard but i will cope I'm sure.

I feel very blessed to have a little one joining us to make 3 xxx

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Ah that's lovely x


its so lovely to have a positive post on here. Its amazing how emotional u can get at times hehe. Such a beautiful post :) xx


That's lovely to hear, it only gets better when little one arrives! :) x


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