Sore ribs

Hi guys, am 34 weeks today and over last few days have been getting pain in my right side like from my ribs to top too bottom of my back. It was so bad the other night I was in tears and sick 5 times. I saw the midwife who listened to his heart beat and she didnt hav any concerns with baby. It feels like I have pulled a muscle and the only thing helping is a hot water bottle but am wondering if any of u had anything similar, not too sure if I went to hosp with pain they wud b able to do anything if it is a pulled muscle as I dont really wana b taking too many painkillers.


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  • WOW!

    I can sympathise with the pain your feeling especially the right side of ribs, but more worrying is that the pain maybe causing you to be sick is not a good reaction at all!

    I'm 25+ wks pregnant now & almost every morning by 5am I'm woken up to a sort of jabbing, punching pain around the right side of ribs "just under my breast" it gets to the point where if I dont get up ill be subjected to a bit of a bruise in that particular area.

    It may be a good idea to seek medical advise about the sickness symptom as it does sound rather worrying

  • Yeh I will. Just had a freezing shower and has helped alot. Havent had the sickness reaction since. Gonna keep an eye on it but if I can get a gd sleep usually I am fine just last night was shit probli didnt help tht me and my boyfriend had so probli not the kind of thing I shud b doin if I can barely move day after lol x

  • There's absolutely nothing wrong with a bit of pleasure ( I.E sex) right now "its the thing thats got us into this mess" so why not.

    The sickness part could have also been down to the "glorious" weather we've been having so yes, just keep an eye on it im sure you'll be fine.


  • lol but if it makes me hurt like I have today I would rather go without lol, haven't broken the news to him yet but its only a 6 weeks lol. yeh it has been far too hot but am so grateful for this rain am sitting here with the window wide open and the cold air coming through its so refreshing :) hope apart from the jabbing pain tht ur pregnancy is going well. xx

  • Thanks, yeah apart from the "jabbing rib pain" i havent had too much to moan about with this pregnancy.


    Just cant wait till november now, so excited to meet my Lil girl :-)

  • I can sympathise, I have had rib pain to varying degree & various locations since week 16, it did get to point where it was unbearable & I couldn't go to work. I constantly find myself trying to correct my posture as this helps, back straight, shoulders back, chest out. Cooling baths and use of a hottie bottle (which is horrendous in this heat so I have given up with that)

    I saw my GP about it when it was at worst and was just prescribed Co-Codymol 8mg which really didn't help.

    I guess I just have a higher tolerance for the pain now and live with it.

    Hope you get some relief soon xx

  • That could be the baby kicking your liver which can be quite painful. How is your blood pressure? Did they check your urine? Do you also feel a pain like pinching on your right shoulder? If everything else looks fine, then it is the baby kicking. Maybe it is the pain of getting the liver kicked that makes you vomit..

  • Feeling your pain! When Sammy was 'Flump' he loved lodging himself against my liver... Great in that your liver has no pain fibres... However, it's capsule does! I never want cirrhosis or gallstones!

    I just rode it out... Although at times it was enough to make me gasp for breath - quite humorously in clinic the week before he was born - think more than one of my patients thought I was going in to labour!

    If you are having musculoskeletal pain, it might be that a bit of codeine will help ( you can buy co-codamol 8/500mg over the counter, or your GP can prescribe stronger). I would get it checked out though, so so things can be properly monitored.


  • Thanks ladies. Had a great night sleep, maybe even too much so feel fine today. Yeh my midwife checked bp and urine and they were normal. My friend at work had gallstones while pregnant and I never cud feel her pain but now I kno how horrendous it was for her. I will keep an eye on it and if it gets too much I will go hosp, taken the weekend off so I only hav 2 days of work this week and 56 hours (not tht I am counting) of work till maternity leave starts. Hope all ur bumps and babies r ok xx

  • Can totally sympathies ! It's the worst pain, I deff found the way I was sitting made a difference, if I was sitting up to long the pain was unbearable, so I would lie down on my side as soon as felt uncomfortable then the pain would ease easier than not lying down straight away.

    It was my right side that was sore, only thing that would relive the pain once it was back was sitting on knees on floor and leaning over onto sofa and rocking my hips side to side, I had the sore ribs from 24 weeks onwards the rocking worked better than any pain killer, it will ease the pain off xxxxxxx

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