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Well I've been pram shopping for the last few weeks and its driving me nuts...I don't want to spend loads of money but I want a decent pram...anyway I got a quinny carrycot in the next sale for £80 and they are doing the quinny buzz 3 pushchair in toys r us with an extra 22% off at the moment but then showing my friend different prams today she came across the britax affinity and i love it!...they are doing the carrycot free at the moment and it comes in loads of lovely different colours and its pushchair bit just has that, bigger so little one will be more comfy and will be in it longer has more positions where the quinny only has 2 when forward facing....and bambino direct are doing the black chassis a lot cheaper ....rather than £360 it's £282! Also bambino direct like you return your pram up to 9months if your not happy or see another etc think that is fantastic and so think I'm going to go for it! Loving the green have you guys been getting on with pram shopping?

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  • I fell in love straight away with the silver cross pram I've ordered....the linear freeway and getting the car seat free in a special offer. Plus my dad is buying it as a present which makes it even more perfect lol!!

  • Ah that's lovely of him and great when they chuck in the carseat free! X

  • We r going shopping for ours tomorrow and am going to babies r us and just got email bout 22% off so thts cool. I quite like the oyster but my boyfriend quite likes the bugaboos not too sure where he thinks the money for tht is coming from but am goin in with an open mind as there is only so much u can look online so I might see something else tht I like look of. Need to get moving though as only have 6 weeks left lol. X

  • 22% does take a big chunk of money off so def helps soften the blow! Have to let us know what u decide x

  • I saw that on the baby mart website they had a deal for £400 or 500 for the travel system x

  • Mothercare have 15% off a spend of over £100 til 06.08.13, whicheans kiddicare will also be doing the same xx

    (We went for the Stokke Xplory -second hand. it handles amazingly, and was the only travel system that my boyfriend can comfortably push (he's 6"3') all the textiles are fully machine washable too )

  • Lol we had to test out the man pushing comfort factor on ours too as my boyfriend is 6"5'....I really wanted the one I chose so I was so chuffed with the adjustable handles for giants ;-)

  • Lol snap my bf is 6ft5 too so yes trying out for him is a must lol.

  • I got the oyster travel system from mothercare. went to babies r us near me and was more expensive even with 22% off and the selection of stuff was very limited. but yeh got it all for a right bargain and they gave me some voucher off thing aswell which gave me £20 off. :)

  • Advice please girls ... Now, when you go and buy the pram, do you have to order it or do they generally have them in stock?

    My husband wants us to go across to get our pram/travel system but it won't be until mid - late October when he's home. By 'across' I mean England as I live on the IOM and the choice here is either limited or a lot more expensive. I'm just a bit reluctant to go over so late into my pregnancy so don't want to have a wasted journey!

  • I ordered mine to be safe and make sure I got the one I wanted. I did it through mothercare using their babyplan thing where you order it and agree a date for delivery and then you pay in whatever installments you want interest free up until 10days before delivery. Found that easy and it meant I secured the pram I wanted with any special offer it had on at that time as well :-)

  • i did exactly the same as Fattyboom,our pram is being delivered 20th Sept, and we have up till 10th Sept to pay for it, we got the (lime green) Graco Evo, its quite a small pram, on its own the push chair was £279, on an offer with the carry cot for £379 and then the car seat was free, Apparently if its on the baby plan and it goes down in price again in Mothercare you can ring them up and they will adjust the price you can also change your mind on the pram aswell

    x x x

  • I fell in love with the Cosatto Giggle Treet the first time I saw it, so once I'd found out the car seat fitted the cars ok, it was fairly easy.

    It's worth shopping around though cos prices vary. I got mine from Boots online in the end. Was the cheapest by £50 and you get advantages points, which are always handy :)

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