Feeling completely unmotivated and putting on weight :(

So I have been signed off work due to me constantly fainting and I am soooo bored!! Folks are on holiday, partner is away offshore and all friends working! I feel I have no motivation whatsoever for the days ahead and I am so tired all the time. Could fall asleep at the drop of a hat! Feeling very uncomfortable and sore back as scan showed last week he is more lying towards my back(have very small bump for 5 months!

Some have said I don't look pregnant, just like I've put on a little weight :( ) I am trying my hardest to get up and do stuff but just so tired and bored :( I'm usually so up and go but my go is gone :(

My mirror is my worst enemy just now aswell! Hate looking in the mirror as I feel I have gained so much weight in the last few weeks as my appetite (I'm not going to lie!) has increased a hell of a lot!! Everyone keeps saying to me this is the one time in my life I have an excuse to put on weight, but that does not make me feel any better about it!! Oh I just feel so down about it all! It feels like a lifetime before bump is going to be here and all my friends have has their little ones, it's making me want my little one :(

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Baby is going to start growing a lot from now so that's why your prob more hungry...and lonely by they sounds of it bless you....can u not start planning like baby equipment start looking at blankets prams cots etc? Something to keep you occupied till you parents get home then drag them round the shops looking? Will u be able to go back to work? And have they got to the bottom of the fainting? I'm on a mission clearing up my house but my boys mess it up everyday! So doing that on top is knackering me right out! I'm am one tired chick at the moment too! Hope you start to feel a bit better arrange a night in with some friends get them to come to yours for a takeaway one evening to break it up a bit for u x


Join the club! I feel very similarly. Perhaps it is the hormonal changes or the fact that I got made redundant before my pregnancy and now I find myself purposeless. I had to drag myself out of the house in order to increase my sense of motivation: a few yoga classes, going to NCT meetings..Basically anything that will create the illusion of a schedule. The best thing to do is to force yourself out of the house and then the change of attitude will follow.


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