Kidney Infection/ & the runs (tmi)

Hi everyone,

I have just found out I have a Kidney infection after going to the hospital yesterday with really bad back pains etc. So I went in today to collect some amoxicillin and I took the first one at tea time today. But I have just had the runs does anyone know whether this is to do with the infection or the antibiotics?? Being the way that I am I'm worried that it's some thing else :( x

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  • You have pyelonephritis while pregnant and they didn't admit you for IV antibiotics???

    Probiotics (actimel, yakaut etc) are good for antibiotic related diarrhoea - take one 30 mins before you take your tablet.

    What follow up do you have? Did you get an ultrasound of your kidneys?


  • Hi Dr Fluffy,

    No I didn't get anything like that, basically yesterday at the hospital they put the pains down to Spd, but I got a phone call off my community midwife telling me that I need some antibiotics but can't pick them up till tomorrow afternoon ( ridiculous!!) so I called the hospital because in my childhood I had Nephritis and Nephrotic syndrome combined which took around 5 years to clear. They thought that I should have them straight away obviously because of my past. Do you think it might be the antibiotics causing the runs? Being the way that I am I panic that I have somehow poisoned myself :( xx

  • Oh Kaz, your really going through it at the mo :( Poor You. Have you been drinking enough water; I did about 6 pints Tues arvo and then spent half the night up on the loo but the thirst needed quenching.

    I hope you feel better soon, this on top of SPD has got to be rotten. Keep cooking the Twinlets as long as you can xxx

  • Yeah not having the best of luck at the minute I feel terrible! My back being the worst even when I'm resting it still kills, least when I'm settled on the bed the SPD feels better!! I saw my consultant yesterday while getting checked out and he's indicated I could be having the babies in about three weeks eek. May be because I'm so huge, I will find out next week how much their approx weight will be. One of the girlies has also decided to be breach so could b c section too but not too worried about that so long as they're ok :)

    Strangely enough I wouldn't change a thing it's obviously part of what I need to go through for the amazing reward at the end xxxxx

  • Oh and re the water, 4 litres of water a day I'm always so thirsty that's why I was quite suprised x

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