Late birth announcement!

Hey ladies,

It's been long since I wrote a post as couldn't access the website.last time I posted that I was going to get induced at 41+4 .i went in the hospital had the pessary very painful contractions started had codeine and paracetamol , diamorphine twice which didn't seem to work for me when I got to 6cm dilated was move to delivery suite to have an epidural which only lasted an hr.had it topped up,could still feel the whole pain ,examined me again,went back to 5cm dilated obviously not progressing well,asked for c section as I had been in labour for almost 24 hrs the doctors also suggested csection as my labour wasn't progressing.had the spinal block in the theatre felt faint after that but everything went quick within 15 to 20 mins my gorgeous little girl was born!shes 2weeks old now breast/ bottle feeding very well and am the happiest mum!! Recovering very well from the csection I took painkillers for the first 3days but all fine now just taking it easy.congrats to all the mums who have had their babies recently and all the best to all enjoy your pregnancies!!

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  • Ohwwwh! Congratulations

    & yes it took me while to get used to this new "nct" website as I couldn't log on "at all" at 1st

    I'm so glad all is well though. Apart from this recent heat my pregnancy has been fine up to now so just hoping it will continue one the weather has coooled down.


  • Thanks!all the best!x

  • Congratulations!!!! I am sorry you had a complicated delivery experience but I am sure all the pain and discomfort are a distant memory now that you are holding your little one in your arms. Enjoy motherhood! xxx

  • Yes all the pain is gone now enjoying my daughter!x

  • Awwww well done you :-) enjoy your little lady xxx

  • Thanks!x

  • Congratulations. Its nice to hear that yiu are both doing well after a difficult delivery :) x

  • Thanks!x

  • Congrats Azelia! I posted quite a similar message last week - it sounds like we had very similar experiences of induction: pessary, then long, difficult labours ending in c-section. The fact that induction is so awful doesn't seem to be well advertised, does it? I read so much about it online in advance and nowhere did it say anything about back to back contractions and difficulty in labour progressing ...

    Very glad all is going well for you post birth though. I too absolutely adore my little one!


  • It's good am not on my own!!its all gone now just enjoying the little princess!!x

  • Congratulations Hun. Well done sounds like you went through the mill with the labour. But overall safeties delivered your baby to the world. Enjoy your new precious baba. Xx

  • Thanks u enjoy too xx

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