Ectopic Pregnancy?

Hi I have a 7 month old baby boy and on may 20th 2013 I had an ectopic pregnancy I do want another baby everyone asks me why so soon I say so they are close together in age.

My question is when I had the internal scan they said my left ovary was behind my cervix wall which is why when I was pregnant the first time the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy I could feel the left ovary shaking and that's why I had an ectopic as the egg had no where to go because my ovary and some of the fallopian tube is behind my cervix wall so will I need help to conceive again or will it just be a bit harder for me?????

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Think U need to go to ur g.p and ask them. . Was That fallopian tube taken out? What about the other one is that ok? ...I know a couple of people who have had a fallopian tube removed due to an ectopic and they have gone on to have perfect pregnancies... good luck x


Thank you and no it has not been removed xx


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