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12 week scan tomoz and so excited

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I havent blogged before on this and i feel the need to let this out as i feel like a kid on christmas eve....all tingles with excitement and jumping about like a looney.

I have my 12 week scan tomorrow and I am really looking forward to seeing our lil bubbah. I had to have a scan at 8weeks due to a bleed but all was fine and bubs was bouncing around on the screen, but at this stage only looked like a peanut in its shell. It will to lovely to see a baby shape rather than the squiggly dot lol.

Hubby is on nights tonight but has booked tomorrow night off so we can enjoy the day together. I'm actually looking forward to seeing his reaction too. He was a little choked at the 8wks scan but I cant imagine the emotion he will have this time round.

Anyways, I just wanted to share lol thankies ladies xx

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Oh bless you! So exciting! Good luck xx look forward to reading tomorrow's update xxx

Awww! All the best! I remember my 12 week scan as if it were yesterday - it's really emotional, seeing this miracle slowly growing inside of you :-) xxx

Ah That's lovely have a lovely day xx

ahh thts so lovely, was so nervous bout my 12 week scan not in a bad way but its just so incredible, Hope it all goes well and u have a great day together. xx

thanks girls, my 12week scan was eventful lol baby wouldnt budge from its slumber to position properly for the nuchal test. We tried coughing, going for a brisk walk up and down the stairs, emptying my bladder, baby wouldnt move. Had to go back again the following day for a rescan.

Rescan baby was in the same position but awake and throwing all kinds of shapes, after emptying my bladder again, baby moved just enough to get the measurement lol Yay! success!

Brightside, I now have several photos and all is grand. It was so amazing seeing baby in all its gloriousness. Little button nose, sucking on its thumb and looking so peaceful. Such a great experience. Hubby was emotional too and cant stop looking at the photos and rubbing my belly. Soppy sod :P xx

Ahh I'm so desperate to get to this point, I feel so impatient but I can't wait to feel more secure, be able to tell everyone and have something to look at! But then I also feel wishing it away is jinxing it going well so the other half of me is pushing for a one day at a time mentality :)

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