Finally back!

Afternoon guys!

Im finally back on NCT and have noticed some changes and couldnt remember my password and had trouble getting one, got frustrated so created a new account!

My 12 week scan went very well. The other half had a tear in his eye as soon as he saw our little one. It touched me a little bless him. It was such a touching experience that made me so proud.

Im currently 14 weeks and 2 days now and am happy that baby is doing ok. Just seeing baby on the screen made me so happy and excited.

The sickness is finally calming down but the boobs are awful! They hurt like crazy! Anywho im looking forward for the symptoms to calm down!


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  • Aww glad your scan went well! I do miss being pregnant lol. You started buying any little bits yet? Its nice to see men as emotional about tiny little baby as we get :-) keep cooking lol xxx

  • Thanks. Yeah it was amazing. Haha im worried ill miss being pregnant to after this one!

    Im not sure when to start buying stuff!! When do you start? Im 14 weeks so im thinking is it a bit early but dont want to leave it too late!

  • Hey I started buying little bits just after 12 weeks because I was about to burst if I didn't lol. From 25 weeks then I bought some bigger stuff and had some stuff bought for me. But pram is coming days before the due date and cot will be bought after the baby is here. I think you should do it when u want :-) and enjoy the's so exciting isn't it!

  • Yeah ill be needing new clothes soon lol! When did you start to get big? Cuz im 14 weeks but i think i just look like ive put on weight!

    We have a cot, baby carrier and a nappy disposer (from previous peegnancy which sadly ended) so thats a few bits covered. I wouldnt know what things to buy now to be honest! Cant wait to find out what sex the baby is as then it would be easier!

  • Lol I started to show at 12 weeks but didn't need new clothes until about 16weeks...even then I have a few maternity bits but mostly primark stuff as I didn't want a wardrobe of clothes I won't be wearing after lol!

    You're off to a decent start then. I have found it difficult not knowing the sex coz all my baby clothes are so neutral and I can't wait to buy a gender specific outfit! I just started with essentials and things for my hospital bag....disposable underwear, maternity pads, etc :-)

  • Yeah ill be needing new clothes soon!

    I know what you mean, see i was in the shop yeaterday and seen some breast pads, which i thought is t too soon, but i guess the little things i can get.

  • Yh you may as well. You can spread the cost that way. So whenever you're happy to buy stuff go for it :-)

  • I think I waited until I was about 20 weeks but I remember I got the bottles I wanted for my second about a week after 12wk scan as they were on offer lol plus if you want to know gender you probablybbetter off waiting. Just start a baby fund then when you ready you can go and spurlge :-) xx

  • I was thinking of getting some bottles and breast pads. And some clothes!

  • Lol yes go for it!! Xx ive just read about your previous pregnancy im sorry to hear that :-( I lost our first littl girl at 20wks 7yrs ago but went on to have three healthy beautiful babies :-) woop xc

  • Oh I've been thinking about you, I was hopping everything went well. Congrats Hun. May you have a wonderful pregnancy and I hope the symptoms to give you too much gip for much longer. Xx

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