Sickness.......... 29 weeks 1 day

Hey Guys not been able to get on for a few weeks, quick question, not sure if its the heat although the past 3 days here has been fairly warm but no sun, but i just feel drained and sick, i had a nap yesterday mid afternoon and felt 10 times worst, i am drinking fluids but i just feel so drained, i didnt really have a lot of sickness in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy but im wondering if its the heat or is this part of the 3rd trimester :( anyone with anything similar??

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Yeah I've been pretty similar infact feeling pretty sickly right now. Sometimes it's when I'm hungry but I've eaten and it's not really made a difference. I'm putting it down to heat, we do have it more difficult in the 3rd trimester cos we have babies body heat too, I'm 32+6 with twins. I'm drinking about 7 or 8 pints a day as I'm soooooo thirsty but lately hasn't made a massive difference. Hopefully this awful heat will dissapear soon and we will both be sorted :)

Are you having any problems with swelling of ankles etc? Mine have blown up since this heat and so have my fingers. Oh the joys of pregnancy haha, least we're going through this for a very good reason. Hope you feel better soon x

i keep looking at my ankles in the mirror, (cant see much if i just look down) as silly as this sounds just 1 looks slightly swollen and my comfy sandles arnt as comfy as they once were, we went to a Christening yesterday and i was going to wear my "comfortable" wedges but my man was like "well is it such a good idea with your ankles the way they are?" so maybe he has noticed it when i mentioned it to him, (not that he was being horrible he's not one for pointing out my bad bits he just tends to digest everything i say as gospel and goes with it) there is a girl where i do the works banking when i first noticed her about 3 months back i honestly thought she had weeks to go, she is only a month ahead of me, she asked me about my ankles the other day then showed me hers they look very very painful, tbh she is huge now, i went to school with her and bless her there was nothing of her before pregnancy she is really struggling

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I've Been feeling sick and rough the last couple of days my fingers look like sausages and my feet are swollen... sitting in front of a fan just isn't cutting it today. ..toooooo hot! :(

i am 32+2 and have been more sick than normal, am struggling to keep my evening meal down and usually wake in middle of the night to see it end up in the loo. I have been sick all the way through but usually just stomach acid but since this hot weather i have felt a lot worse. I never thought i would say this but i wish it was cold lol, i am so uncomfortable :( hope u get btr soon. xx

without sounding mean, im glad im not the only one, as its been going on for a few weeks i was starting to worry abit, im not so sure its the weather now as we had thunder and lightning through the night and its pouring down today, still warm but not too warm and i still feel terrible, yesterday evening i spent about an hour lying on my bed in silence but not asleep with the fan on full blast. :(

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with the thunder and lightening the temp drops slightly but the humidity goes through the roof and i think its that that is making us all so ill. I havent had a lot of morning sickness, just the odd little outburst but since this weather front kicked in ive been sick everyday and even to a point where i cant keep fluids down. I'm 13 weeks so I spose its still early, but I always thought this was when we were spose to get a reprieve lol never mind.

I hope all u lovely ladies feel better soon x

It is difficult to know if it is the heat or the normal pregnancy tiredness or if for example you became a bit anaemic. Have you tried a cool shower or bath? What about using a fan? In addition to drinking water you also need to make sure you have enough electrolytes in your system, so make sure you add a little salt in your food. If none of these help, it would be good to call your midwife or GP for a blood test.

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