Wow!! Heat + little sleep = falling asleep randomly

Not complaining :) Not a fan of the sun, but i must admit it puts everyone in a good mood.. except babies!! my little man is 4 weeks tomorrow and struggling with the heat.. he feeds a lot, sleeps a lot compared to when its cooler, is sticky, living in his nappy and still sweating uncontrollably and generally unhappy these last few days :( Not to mention waking every 2 hours to feed.. leaving me exhausted!! between the heat and no sleep im barely able to hold my head up and cant sit down without nodding off :) opps!

Hope everyone is coping with this heat and enjoying pregnancy or motherhood :) :) Take care xxoo

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  • Awwrrh!

    Bless him "& you "

    I could only imagine what it would feel like now if my Lil' one was born. Never-less i feel absoulutely exhausted today i just about found the strength to give my son his breakfast & meals.

    It has been slightly cooler today though so i think i'll be able to get a good night's sleep tonight.


  • Thank goodness its cooler today :) oh poor you, during the hot spell a few weeks ago when i was heavily pregnant it was worse :( I think its so hard to function properly when its hot and your tired, hopefully tonight will remain cool xxooxx

  • Completely feeling your pain. On Thursday, my LO wanted to feed every hour - ZzzZZZzzzz! So glad today has been cooler!

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