How do I ask my doctor/midwife if I can be induced early

I am serverly suffering with bad spd, I have to sleep on my sofa as I cant get up my stairs, im completly housebound and have to near enough be carried to get to my toilet, my physiotherapist has put me on crutches and given me codine for the pain, but ive got to a stage now were every tiny movement reduces me to tears, im 33 weeks today, how do I tell my midwife/doctor I want to be induced at 37 weeks, its my body so surely I have a right to ask xxx

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Hi hun

My 1st thought is that you should'nt even need to ask your midwife / consultant to be induced as the pain sounds / is so severe they'll be put in a position to offer you an induction date (about 4-6 wks) before your "EDD".

If the Spd has gotton worse in the last few days/ weeks have you been to see your G.p / midwife ?

As they may not be aware of just how rubbish it is for you.



I was induced at 37 weeks for pre-eclampsia, and it's not a decision to be made lightly - trust me. I had no choice in that baby needed to come out! There's nothing natural about an induced labour - mine was quite harrowing. 67 hours from first attempt to delivery, no dilatation after three rounds of prostin, so given an epidural and waters forcibly broken by forcing my Os open enough to pass the amnihook. Only a small amount of fore waters seen. Syntocinon enhanced contractions suddenly stopped after 4 hours - took a while to realise my cannula had tissues and I had about 500ml of fluid in the back of my hand and wrist! Recannulated and back on - 11 hours of syntocinon contractions, then desperate need to push, not fully dilated and cervix not fully effaced. Baby getting distressed - prolonged episodes of bradycardia, type 2 dips, lots if worried senior midwives in and out, reg in theatre - on the brink of emergency/crash c-section through out. Hind waters finally went - so relieved that there was no meconium, that would have finished me off! Nearly four hours of second stage, second degree tear. Was just about to be moved to theatre when we finally managed it!

The experience was quite harrowing, and affected my bonding with my LO. If I knew then what I know now I would have pushed for an elective c-section, but at the time I was given figures of 80% success for induction at 37 weeks (but not what constituted 'success')

Make sure you have as much information as possible before making an informed decision, something's seem simple, but aren't necessarily!


They May well consider it if ur on alot of pain but they might do it at 38-39 weeks. ... def need to have a chat with ur consultant. .. anD they may recommend a section... pain is bloody awful really gets u down :(


Hi I would chat with your consultant at your hospital and advise them on how your feeling to be honest they may advise on a C-Section as my friend had the same problem and she asked to be induce early and they advised on a C-section.


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