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Hello all you preggy ladies, help im confused.

Im 43 an have a history of repeat miscarriages. My 12 week scan highlighted some possible problems with my baby. The sonographer said the scan showed some issues consistant with genetic problems, but was unsure so wanted a 2nd opinion. Im seeing the consultant on monday to take a second look (i'll be 1 6 weeks) my combined test results have finally been done and are 1:271 which is low risk i think, no letter as yet just result over the phone. What sort of results did you guys get? and if you dont mind me asking how old are you?

Im trying so hard not to get my hopes up

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Hi, I'll be 41 when I give birth. Also history of miscarriage. My risk came back as high at 1:50 so your results sound good to me. We decided not to have amnio because of miscarriage risk. Baby due in 7 weeks now. Wishing you lots of luck with the second opinion. You're bound to be anxious until you know. X


Don't torture yourself on what other peoples results are. You are deemed low risk, your risk is less than 0.5%. I have friends who were in their early 20's with their results coming out in the hundreds and friends in their late 30's / early 40's with results in the thousands. Yes, generally the risks increase as you age but 1:271 is a good result.

I wish you all the best with your next appointment. x


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