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So Fed Up!!

Hi ladies hope you are all well. I am now to term and so uncomfortable. How you all coping in this heat? I want to dive into a bath of ice cubes lol.

Struggling by with pelvic pain, swollen feet and painful ribs and to top it off got bitten last night by some horrid insect and my ankle is now double the size and can barely walk....

If this little man has not made an appearance next week they want to take me in for a sweep, not sure im looking forward to that.

Just wish I could start naturally my other two were two weeks late, both induced weighing in at 9lb 14 , so love to have a dinky dot ha ha.

Anyway enough of my waffling on.Just nice to have a moan sometimes.


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that's ok, you 'moan away' :)

the heat is indeed unbearable and I also got bitten by something in a couple of places :(

hope your 'baba' comes naturally with no need of an induction.


Thank you so do I. Ended up back at doctors this morning with foot now double in size, very red and moving up my leg :-( beside myself with pain at mo. Doctor gave me some antibiotics and some allergy tablets i do hope they start working soon.


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