Strange Metallic Taste in Mouth


I am having strange metallic like taste in mouth...has anyone had this before doing a test and has test been +ve?

Last month I had HGC then had slight bleed followed by 1st period for 3 months. I have been TTC since period it possible this could be early sign or can other things cause this? I am taking 1 folic acid tablet a day as advised by my Dr.

My periods are between 28-35 days so quite hard to predict ovulation but I have heard that you are slightly more fertile for the following 3 months after HGC.

Thanks :-)

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Hi hun.i had this will all my pregnancies but not until after I'd tested. Are you 'officially' late yet? Xxx


Hi, thanks. No I am not late yet - hard to predict next period as its between 28-35 days (more so towards 35 days) so 28 days from 1st day of last will be Monday...will wait and see! Been difficult TTC due to this I think as had every test possible and no problems are coming up so timing must be all wrong...hopefully this HGC has done something to help :-) xx


I am actually experiencing some spotting now....strange! Period isn't due until at least after 22nd..... :-/


Implantation bleed?? I don't know much about it lol.

Wishing you lots of luck with the positive result you want! Xx


I am certainly hoping so!! Thanks will keep you updated haha :-) xx


Thanks...I am not sure if the spotting I am having is my period as its got heavier :( I am meant to take clomid for first time on day 2 of cycle however I don't know if its period or not and whether to risk taking it or wait another month!!x


Hiya, I would speak to your fertility nurse to see what she thinks. When I used to take clomid she said its your second day of full flow bleed, I assume that's so they make sure it's a period. Take a pregnancy test too if you want to make doubly sure. All the implantation bleeds I have ever had with a singleton pregnancy and twins, have been old brown blood and not till I was about seven or eight weeks pregnant. But everyone is different! Good luck xxx


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