New mums - how's your little one coping in this heat?

Sam is really lethargic, peeing but not as much. I'm feeding him as often as I can persuade him to take it... Fontanelle not sunken. Trying to work out if he looks a little more yellow than he has over the last few days. Not sure whether to get him checked out or if I'm over reacting... Don't want to miss something by miss diagnosing my own child :-(

This motherhood malarkey can be stressful...

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It certainly can but I always think mums know best so if you have even the slightest worry or concern get him checked over. You got nothing to loose. My boy is 9weeks and struggles with heat mid afternoon once done the school run. Obv I dont need to say this to you but make sure your drinking plenty if bf :-) xxx


Hi Dr fluffy

It does get very difficult at times trying not to diagonose your child when your feeling worried about him

The best advise I'd give you is go with your gut feeling if you feel as if something is not completely right ring your nearest A&E dept. (It better to be safe than sorry hey) xx


Hi there

Rather than try to diagnose yourself, trust your instincts - you know what you need to do - get him checked :)


Lethargic? Babies do chop and change the length of their sleeps during first few weeks (months, years haha!) - my 6 week old has been asleep since about 10.15am and it's now 12.20am, that's long for her, but am not worried.

If he's alert when he is awake, I'm sure he's fine. xxx


Oh and p.s. for any other new mums reading this post:

Don't try and stretch the time between your baby's feeds out in this weather ("oh it's only been an hour, they can't possible need feeding again!") coz they may want/need more frequent feeds, especially as they build up your supply.

Pop them on whenever they look like fancy it xx


Oh it certainly can be.. My little boy is nearly 4 weeks and hes struggling big time, hes like a hot water bottle already without this heat.. :( all the gorgeous wee outfits he got when he was born are still hanging in his room, he has been in his nappy just :) I agree with minime61.. hes feeding a lot more than usual in this heat. But any wee thing and i would be straight on the phone, I wouldnt risk anything with a newborn :) xxooxx


Hi Dr Fluffy,

I am sure you have called your midwife and had the little one checked by now. With regards to the heat, here is some advice from my mum, having raised two kids in the scorching heat of the Med: you can top up the child's hydration with boiled and cooled water or weak cooled chamomile tea. This helps because apparently if one tries to hydrate the baby with milk only, too much of the white stuff can result in diarrhoea or vomit. To cool a room, keep the shutters and windows closed all day and in absence of air conditioning place a bucket of ice cubes in front of a fan. Hope that helps.


Midwife said water was a big no-no at this age, as interferes with nutrient uptake from his feeds.

Took him in yesterday - his bilirubin is back above the phototherapy line @ 282 (treatment line 240 for an 11 day old 37 weeker) - paeds consultant was happy for him to come home but, while I'm glad we're not on a paeds ward, I am really worried about him. I'm going to take him back for a repeat on Monday!


Yea I was told no watet to breast fed but offer to formula fed. Its our job to worry its definitely a mum thing :-) xx


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