Is it safe to breast feed whilst pregnant?

I have a Daughter almost 5 months old, who is exclusively breastfed. I had been feeling sick of a morning this past week and so other half bought me a test back from work with him yesterday. I took the test straight away, it came up with a positive result straight away. We are really happy to have another baby, and we had wanted them close together in age this time round. However, we don't want to stop breastfeeding our 5 month old baby. I can't seem to find any solid medical information about this....What is likely to happen if I continue to nurse my baby? Thanks in advance.

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Yes - it's perfectly ok to breast feed while pregnant (and also to tandem feed once new little one is here). You will be more prone to being anaemic, and you will need to eat a little more than you did in your last pregnancy (300-500 extra calories a day). Pregnancy multivitamins will almost certainly be a must!

Can't believe you've had sex again... (Or found the time!!) My other half is not coming anywhere near me for a loooong time ;-p


Thanks for your reply, I am feeling more reassured :)

In all honestly we have only done it a handful of times or less, although even then i am not sure how we found time :)


I'm booked in for my Depot Provera jab next week - as i'm clearly not that infertile :-)


LOL :)


Wow, Congratulations on your 2nd pregnancy ( I commend you for doing it so quickly) HONESTLY!!

& Yes i agree with "dr fluffy's" comment that you may need to start eating more and take your pregnancy multivitamins "as if your life depends on it"

The only symptom I can imagine you'll probably experience is feeling rather faint / light headed especially during the 1st trimester of pregnancy.


Thank you :)

I do take vitamins in form a few mugs of "ovaltine" each day but yes i will certainly get some "pregnacare" also, going to need all the help i can get. To be honest i do feel quite weak and tired.

I have a good appetite generally so i should be able to take in enough but not exactly sure how I am going to get enough sleep.

I have a bad habit of staying up past the children's bedtime, doing housework or watching "Lost".


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