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How many times do you feed your breastfed babies?

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My 10 week old baby sleeps from about 8pm till 5am ish and feeds around 6 times a day (breastfed). I really struggle to fit the 6th feed in as he is now going to bed much earlier than he used to but I'm feeling awful at the thought of dropping a feed but wanted to know if that's normal to have to drop a feed as your baby sleeps for longer and goes down earlier?

I'd really appreciate your advice!!x

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I wouldnt worry too much about not being able to give your son his last (6th) feeds as long as he's satisfied with the previous feeds you've given him before the last one.

My mom used to say a hungry baby wont go to sleep / or at least have a full, satisfied sleep if hungry

Also bearing in mind he's giving you plenty of wet nappies & dosent seem to be in any discomfort you can let him sleep

P.s He sounds like a very good 10wk old baby to be sleeping from 8pm - 5 am count yourself lucky.


That Sounds really good sleeping that long he is obviously content so he is getting enough...I hope my little one sleeps as well! :) x

In my experience of breastfeeding children, as they get older and sleep longer at night the number of feeds in 24 hr period is reduced. So yes I would consider it okay and normal to drop a feed. Don't worry, if baby doesn't want to drop a feed you will soon know about it.

You should also expect baby to feed more frequently, or a change in length of feeds, as he/she has growth spurts or approaches the age to begin solid foods. It is also normal for baby to start waking for feeds through the night again as they get older and start to become less satisfied with milk alone. So enjoy this stage whilst it lasts :)

Hi there, everything sounds fine. If baby was hungry you would know about it! That said you may find that demand may increase as baby experiences growth spurts over the coming months, this is to stimulate the milk production so just go with it, (don't forget that the early morning feeds are especially important to stimulate supply). So don't be too alarmed if he starts to get hungrier some days too. Also don't forget that as he's getting older he's becoming more proficient at feeding and has a greater capacity to draw more form you. My point is that feeding patterns do change. Truly it took about 4 months for my son to be fully proficient, after weaning the feeds were less frequent and by the time my son was 12-13 months he only fed at night times and eventually I had to give up because he'd always fall asleep :)

Wow! My 9wk old feeds approx every 2hours throughout the day and then goes to bed at 7.30 feeds at 1ish then we up between 5.30 and6am so not to bad. I just let them lead if he hungry or thirsty he'll let you know xx

Hi Hun my 4week old Louis goes every 2-3 in the day last feed between 8-10pm and sleeps through till 3-4am feeds anywhere around 8-10 times a day sometimes 12 but mainly top ups to help sleep. Your doing a fantastic job can't wait till I'm nearer the ten weeks mark x

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