20 week scan and its a little baby boy! Now to get everything ready!

Hello everyone! Been a busy few weeks for our wee family. My partner is now on 12 and a half hour shifts at 7 days a week so im being left to everything! We had our 20 week scan yesterday which was fantastic and we were also delighted to find out that we are having a little boy! Since the moment I found out I was pregnant I had an inkling in my head saying it was a boy! We are so happy and so delighted that he is happy and healthy! When I was speaking to some of the other girls who are due the same day as me there bumps are huge! And I feel like I hardly have a bump! On the otherhand, apart from being quite tired and a sore back I am feeling fantastic and I am very grateful for it!! The fainting has slowed down quite a lot after I was put on iron tablets so hopefully that has sorted everything and it will stay calm for a while!

So anyway now is the time we are starting to get the nursery ready! But I am now starting to wonder, cot bed or cot?! What is everyone else doing or thinking? This is my first so everything is new to me! And im not sure which seems the better option as had never heard of a cot bed until yesterday! Any opinions or advice would be great!!

December seems sooo far away and I just cant wait to meet little one, I really hope it goes by qucikly as we can not wait to meet little one! Hope all ladies, partners and bumps are well :) xx

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Huge congratulations on finding out you're having a boy! I have a 2 year old son who is so much fun and we're now expecting a baby sister for him.

Re cots v cot beds I would definitely go for a cot bed every time. They are often slightly bigger which for us was a good thing as my son is a big lad so the extra room was always welcome, plus it means that now he is old enough for a bed we didn't need to buy a toddler bed or sell/store his cot. Ours is one where one side comes off and then converts into a proper bed which I felt made the transition from cot to bed much easier.

We had a Moses basket for the first few months but I'm going to get a rocking crib this time - my second timer experience means I very much appreciate how helpful a rocking motion is for whingy babes! Consider either a crib or a rocking base for a Moses basket when you get to that purchase.

There are so many products and options for all things baby related - enjoy your preparations :-) x


Congratulations! We're having a boy too (due Sept 20th). We went massively overboard and bought loads!! Never mind - its my first too so its allowed :). I also had a small bump, then a growth spurt at about 26 weeks and now looking quite pregnant at 30+4.

We've opted for cot bed. The main reason is we wanted to try and save money and felt a cot bed would last us longer (and we got a fantastic deal on a furniture set at Kiddicare!). We decided to decorate with pretty 'normal' colours with removable wall stickers so its not too babyish and we can change the decals rather than the whole room!

Good luck and enjoy the shopping!! x


Lovely news congratulations! Xxx


Congratulations! My little man (9wks) has a cotbed from Kiddicare too. I don't think Moses baskets are used for as long as we are led to believe we can use them for. He is quickly out growing so to make it safer and to aid transition from Moses to massive cot bed we settle him down in a sleeping bag with the Moses on the cotbed with a mobile about him which is loves. If he is not in a sleeping bag he works his way up the Moses and I thought I would rather him not do that when he's in the cotbed.

A lot of mothering is trial and error, you do what's right for you.

The cotbed can be considerably bigger then your regular cot but we got one as it seemed most cost effective to get into toddler bed X

(I think I been tricked into answering an old question by the site!!)


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