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Losing that mummy tummy!

Hi, so I am slowly but surely losing my mummy tummy.. Yay! But is sags at the front and that's the only part I'm seeing no results. I've cut out cheese and sweets and chocolate. I do 100 sit-ups, squats and lunges and the occasional Zumba if my daughters asleep. I've gone down a dress size already but it's that one bit I need to budge! Any tips?

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You're making me feel tired! I'm struggling to fit in my pelvic floor exercises!

I'm lucky in that I didn't put weight on anywhere other than my bump, although I kept very active. Planning on going swimming with my LO once my perineum has healed. Also planning on digging out the slender tone!

How long ago did you deliver?


Over a year ago. But I've had water renotation? So haven't been able to do much until 2 months ago as had a 'club' foot. I plan on going swimming, and I have a friend who too wants to loose her tummy. Just waiting for her c-section scar to heal!

And I do my pelvic floor exercises whenever I fed my daughter! Now when I sit I just continue too aha


Hi there, don't forget the oblique muscles and to re strengthen your back. Maybe look to do pilates, yoga or even fitball as this will help to restore your posture and core strength. Zumba is great but it does need to be at least three times a week. Can't promise it will completely solve the issue though as most tummys don't go back entirely. Fair play to you finding the time to get in to shape again though! :)


What's fitball?

And I'm not fussed about it going completely back, I just want to loose the 'sag'


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