How do you make formula? Apparently I've been doing it wrong!

I currently do the following:

- Add boiled water to bottles and leave to cool

- Add formula to powder dispenser

- Make the milk as and when needed.

Apparently this is wrong. You're supposed to use just-boiled water which kill any bacteria in the formula powder. Like this:

- Boil the water and let it cool for 30 mins

- Make up the milk

- Cool the bottles and refrigerate

- Warm the milk when required

What a pain! Does anyone do this? How do you do it in the night or when you're out and about?!

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I have done both. . But I've done the second more. ... but the first I do if I'm going out or in a rush. .. in America they don't even sterilise bottles my friend told me. .. but they do it in England to make sure people who aren't so fastidious in cleaning their bottles have then sterile. . My Children never sufferedwith stomach upsets so if ur happy with what u do then carry on :) x

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Thanks babymother. Very interesting about the US. When out and about we've been using the cartons. It's more practical but it sure is more expensive!

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hi the current world health organisation guidelines state that formula should be prepared at 70 degrees Celsius ( so basically water boiled then left for 20-25 mins) put water in bottle first then add level scoops of formula. do not deviate from the instructions with either the amount of water or formula as this can cause stomach upsets. bottles can then be cooled to the appropriate and safe temperature for consumption by the baby. Make up bottles one at a time. its no longer recommended that bottles be made in advance and then be warmed due to the risk of bacterial growth. as for sterilisation bottles should be washed thoroughly and a bottle brush used to remove any milk residue then sterilised. I see so many children with upset stomachs, constipation and worse on a daily basis and a large proportion of it can be traced back to incorrect feed preparation! Google WHO infant feeding guidelines for more info. Hope this helps!


Thanks bubbs. It makes sense but I wonder how many people have the time to do as the WHO recommends. Making up a bottle will take approx 45 mins when you take into account cooling. Oh how I wish we could still be breastfeeding!


I agree. I'd probably just add the formula to boiling water then put the bottle under cold running tap to cool to the right temp. That way u know the bugs will be killed.


I did the 2nd way with my son and plan on doing the same with this 1 when i want her off the breast ( need a break or top ups ) ! i think its a lot easier as u can make numerouse bottles at the same time and heat when needed within the recomended storage time . the tins of milk have the advised instructions on them , ur actually surposed to make each feed as required but i think this is crazy and a long wait for a hungry baby ! esspecially for night feeds.

if your not sure how much ur baby is feeding and u dont want to waste formular then u could make up small bottles and a big one so if u think baby is still hungry just take what u want from that bottle .

other tips iv heard keep cooled boiled water in the fridge in a sterilised bottle and add to boiling water 2 cool to right temp to make bottle fresh , then cool further to feed .

i know people that do the 1st way and i honestly dont understand it ! ur surposed to put the milk in hot water to kill any bugs that may be in the milk , if it goes in warm/ cold water then if there is any bugs they wont b killed ! it would be like us eating half cooked chicken ! saying that i know more people that do it that way and all the babies are fine , people say cooling and rewarming causes more bugs so depends who u ask up untill a few years ago this was generally the acceped way of preparing bottles and had been for years ( this was how my mum made bottles for us except they would put milk in then water , now its water then milk )

to b honest everyone will have their own oppinions and do it the way that suits them best , health visitors and midwives with children are a lot more realistic then those without ( they generally stick with the most recent guidlines rigidly and quick to pull u up if ur deviate ) overall trust ur instincts , listen to all the advice and deem whats usefull and practical to u , if u took every bit of advice u would b a stand still as quite often 1 professional will contradict the other.


i just made each bottle as and when needed, boil water, pour in bottle run it under cold water then add powder. if its still hot run it again under cold water. unfortunately i had to do that every 2 hours . when we go out just carry botlle with water and put powder in dispenser, so when hes hungry just make up there and then.


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