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Amniocentesis and miscarriage rates

My 12 week scan has highlighted some possible problems with my baby. Does anyone know if its possible to find out the amnio miscarriage rate for a specific hospital. Im being treated in a very small hospital and i read on the internet that the more experience the consultant has the less chance of miscarriage. I asked the department for their rates but they couldnt tell me, any ideas would be much appreciated.

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Ok meant to post as a question but have blogged instead :-(


Ring Ur consultant and ask to speak to them or midwife. ...dr fluffy on here would be a good one to ask xx


Cheers babymomma, im just panicing trying to think of questions before i see the consultant on monday. I guess i will just have to take a deep breath and be a bit more patient


On the whole, rates are around 0.5% (although you quite often see older stats of anywhere between 1-3% quoted). Ironically, at a smaller hospital it may be better, as fewer consultants. Do you have an obstetrician apt before you decide? Most will be apply to talk you through their rates.

Good luck xxx


Thanks for the reply especially now when you have a lovely new baby bundle to look after. Congratulations on happy healthy baby samual.

The appointment with the consultant is not until next monday, im trying to find out as much info as i can before i go. I never even thought of small hosp consultants carrying out more procedures :-) i guess after 19 years ttc and <7 miscarriages i want some guarantees that i wont miscarry evenn though i know its unrealistic, or do i take the chance that the baby isnt viable and leave it to micarry on its own.

Sorry thats getting a bit heavy, i guess i will have to wait and see.


I really feel for you, we're in a similar situation. I'm 14 weeks and in the high risk group, but only just, which basically means that the chances of having a baby with Down's is about equal to the chance of miscarrying as a result of amniocentesis, a bit of a double edged sword. We're seriously considering travelling to London to have the Harmony blood test, although still only a screening test it is far more accurate than the combination screening offered by NHS. It costs £600, eek, but I think it might be worth it rather than risking amniocentesis in our situation at this point, if it comes back as high risk then we will have to rethink. I spoke with one of the midwife team about it and she was very supportive of it and confirmed it's a valid test, which in the future is hoped to be a diagnostic test available through NHS, it's just still in it's early days.

I'm afraid I don't know if you can get individual hospital's miscarriage stats.

Best of luck with whatever you decide.


So sorry for not answering the website wouldnt let me log on:-(

Im so sorry you're in a similar position , its a horrible place to be. We too had been considering the Harmony test it seems to be really accurate for downs and a bit less accurate trisomy 13 or 18 but i think scans tend to pick up t13 and t18 more easily. Plus £600 vs peace of mind (i think id take that price)

I still havent had the results back for my combined test and im now 15weeks, apparently antinatal are run off their feet:-(

My scan showed some problems consistant with genetic problems or other trisomies, but the sonographer said she was very unsure about what she was seeing and wanted a second opinion. So im seeing the consultant on monday for another scan then hopefully i will know more. I might just go get a scan privately in the meantime too see what they say.

Good luck with your decision making, i'll be thinking of you


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