Ah its an alien! :)

My bumps not big so we can see the baby moving a lot. My boyfriends favourite show tight now is 'alien'. After a while think you tend to know which way on your baby is lying, now even he can tell exactly what's what. Hands, feet, bum and even head. With my bp having dropped I'm super tired, and finally even with the little monster moving I can sleep through it. None of my clothes are tight, but even so baby doesn't seem to like them, and you can guarantee if I'm sitting long enough (more than 10mins lol) you can see my tee shirt slowly but surely rising up the bump.

Well the other day I fell fast asleep on the sofa. My bf was going to wake me to go to bed instead but got distracted as could see the baby zipping around in the bump. Then, what woke me was that lovely feeling of suddenly needing the loo. when I came back he nicely informed me that he thinks the baby's trying to escape alien style as just before I woke up he'd seen this big bulge coming further and further out he was convinced was the head. Less than an hour later I saw he was right. The baby's latest favourite movement is to stretch, still transverse and push their head right out into the bump which does indeed make it appear like an alien! Quite painful too, but I can't help but laugh.

seems to like music, the more bouncy the better, and knows daddy's hand kicking seven bells out of it, which has led to him liking to move his hand about and see how long takes the baby to find it - have to remind him that it's not his tummy being kicked. However, not sure if just because I'm always a little nervous when see the midwife and doctor, never moves when we are there and they have to go looking for the baby asking if i'm feeling plenty of movements. If I can't feel the baby for more than a couple of hours at absolute most I start to worry, no wonder I'm shattered, that little tykes using both our energy :) going to need plenty of rest now, going to an energetic child I think!

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It's so funny when you see them having a right move around I think my little one is transverse too...looks like they are havin a good stretch and ur stomach comes out the lovely though sometimes does make me feel a bit sick when little one is having a mad few minutes lol x


Lol, does feel very strange. Still think I'm going to miss it. got used to our daily exercises, though can't wait to have a cup of tea, and a bar of galaxy without feeling sick just from the smell :) Its the little things that make us happy x


My bump inhabitant is just as lively :-) and I know what you mean about those stretches. On my last few scans baby has been head down but with his/her feet up by head! I think baby adopts this position then decides all of a sudden to move his/ her feet all the way back to the top of my tummy...streeeeeeetch!

There was also an incident recently where baby went from quiet to suddenly flailing all four limbs simultaneously - kind of like those 'falling' dreams we have occasionally?

I think in a way I will miss all the action once the little one arrives - 8 weeks and counting :-)


must be due similar times, just under 9 weeks :) most movements don't mind, its when the baby decides wants to turn over that I do because it will do it and doesn't matter how much has to kick punch and wriggle will be where wants. Thing is I've started moving just as much in my sleep, my boyfriend asked if I was trying to let him know what it felt like after apparently kicking him in the back of the leg, turning over and elbowing him in the ribs... oops lol x


i'm 24+6 and my little one isnt moving quite as much just yet, but after reading this i'm really looking forward to it :-).


Is amazing. Occasionally painful but amazing :) x


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