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Thrush... Help?!

Hi ladies,

I'm around 12 weeks pregnant and this is the second time I've had thrush since I've been pregnant and I normally don't get it. Last time I didn't know I was pregnant so used thrush cream. Now I know I'm pregnant I want to be more careful, I've been trying natural live yogurt but its not really working, do u know what I can use to treat this while pregnant?

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Hi there, its my understanding that sugars and yeasts in the foods we eat can aggrivate thrush. Although I've not suffered during this pregnancy when I have had thrush it does get worse when I eat breads and fruit because the sugars feed the bacteria. Depending on how well you are and if you're suffering with sickness I suggest you talk to your MW because there may be some treatment that is safe for you and as perscriptions are free during pregnancy it will save you money. If you're really desperate talk to a pharmacist as they may have some suggestions to ease your discomfort maybe a barrier cream or something. Unfortunately pregnancy can make us more susceptible but don't forget to get the other half treated too or it will just come back. I hope this helps :)


Hey, i had thrush a few times- go to your GP as you can use a pessary during pregnancy. One thing to note, i was given only 1 pessary a couple of times however when i saw the nurse she informed me that is now recommended you use the pessary 5-7 days of treatment as it can be tougher to clear. This is backed up by 'nice' guidelines, etc. Hope it helps

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I've used pessaries and get thrush every couple of months they are safe to use but u use ur fingers to insert it not the applicator..x


Thank you all, I have bought a pessary and external cream hope this clears it :) I have been eating more fruit (to try & be healthy) and I know they contain alot of sugar, its just trying to balance your while lifestyle when pregnant can get so difficult.

Hopefully this will clear in a few days, fingers crossed. X


Hiya.i've had a trush from week 10.every couple of weeks :( i'm 35 weeks now and it got bit all ladies said pessaries are ok if not used with applicator.but i found canesten not working for me.finally gp gave me daktarin cream to insert with applicator (not to deep) and i had no thrush since.and if course loads of fruits,no bread,and yokult every day do the trick :)


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