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Hi everyone,

I wonder if you can help answer something for me. I am currently 31+3 weeks pregnant with twins. I have been having pains, frequent braxton hicks, one baby is low in my pelvis ( so now im waddling around like a duck lol). This has all happened the last number of days. I got asked to go into the delivery suite yesterday to make sure I wasn't going into labour ( which I thought I wasn't) but thought it was best to be checked. Everything was fine phew!! But the midwife said something to me that has me worried. She told me you don't want to be having your babies now because we have no cots in neonatal intensive care, nor is there in the north east at the moment!!! She told me a mother nearly went to Ireland because there wasn't any space.

This has me really worried as I have been told off midwives etc that there is a high chance that my babies will be born early. Does anyone know if there are private hospitals that have these kind of facilities? I just feel that I should have some sort of backup plan just to put my mind at ease, as it's going to be difficult for one baby never mind two.

Thanks in advance xx

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have you tried using google? if you type in "private health care near *enter your postcode*, maternity" and see what the engine gives you...

it was wrong of the midwives to tell you what they did, especially as it will only cause undue stress and worry which is not good for someone in your condition.

I hope u find somewhere soon that would be suitable to accept your needs xx good luck


Hi there! If you are concerned then you could call your local private hospitals however as far as I know they are unlikely to be able to deal with babies that require special care. I work for a private medical insurance provider as a claims assessor and typically if an adult has complications they are referred back to the nhs because they are not equipped to deal with non routine situations, so based on this being applicable for adults I don't think they would be able to deal with babies, plus very few private hospitals actually admit children under 3 years! this of course is just what I have experienced in work so far, I cannot speak for all hospitals!!


Hi there I only know about private London hospitals with neonatal units I am afraid: the Portland, the Lindo Wing at St Mary's, the private wing at St Thomas, the private wing at Chelsea and Westminster.


Thanks everyone for your advice, having no luck on google. Might just have a ring around and speak to my midwife. Trying not to worry about it too much but your right why did they tell me something like that I have enough to worry about!!! X


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