I'm now just over 31 weeks pregnant with twins ( its felt like I have been pregnant forever!!)

Hi everyone,

I hope everyone's pregnancies are going well and you are all healthy!!

I now only have less than seven weeks left, unless babies decide to come early of course ; ). I have reached the stage where my bump is bigger than an overdue singleton mam! So when I try to venture out the looks I get are unreal I feel like a circus freak lol! My mam thinks that it's because people will be thinking what's she doing out and about when she's ready to pop haha. But I have to do something I'm totally climbing the walls with boredom, I'm struggling to do loads of things now, it's tiring just getting on the bed! I just can't find anything to occupy myself now as babies room and clothes are all sorted too as I knew by this stage how I would be feeling. I can't wait till they arrive now, but the question is natural birth or c section, there are pros and cons for both but at the moment the safest option seems to be c section for them but I could change my mind on that one.

I have to say this heat is killing me too, I can't stand it I would be hot enough without the babies but add their body heat I'm boiling!!!

Well now I have things off my chest, I totally cannot wait for them to arrive now I'm sure they will give me something to do then lol xxxxxx

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I'm a mummy to twins If u need a chat ect I'm here x


Aww that would be good thanks! How old are they? X


Il inbox u x


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