12 week scan

Hi ladies

So after seeing my midwife and getting pregnancy notes etc, i was waiting on my first scan appoitment. Received the letter and i have a appointment on tuesday which both me and the other half are looking forward to!

After having previous miscarrages, in this pregnancy to begin with, i was feeling very nervous but now everything seems to be going great. Apart from the morning (and evening!) sickness! I have also started to show latley which i didnt think would happen so quick.

Im taking things easy and trying not to worry too much.

I cant wait for tuesday to see how little one is doing so far!


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Aww i'm so pleased for you hun!!!i bet you both cant wait till next week.they didnt give my baby many chances after i had a lap done at 7weeks,and now i'm 34!!!its amazing :) good luck hun for the rest of your pregnancy xx

Yes we both cant wait! So excited x

Aww Glad you are taking it easy :) Good luck for Tuesday.. 12 weeks is a big milestone :) Take care :) xxooxx

Thank you! X

Ah so pleased for you BabyJ. I know you dont find out at this scan but are you going to find out what you are having or keep it as a suprise? What is your EDD?

Thank you! Yeah we would like to know what sex it is, the midwife said my EDD is 26th January 2014... Seems ages away!

Finger cross for you BabyJ. hopefully everything will go fine 4 you and your baby. Am so excited at my 12 weeks scan as well I can hear the fetal heart bit and some movement. EDD date 13th January 2014.........seems ages away just like you, thirteen days after my EDD.

I'm so pleased for you, it must have been a nervous wait. I hope you manage to relax and enjoy the scan, I was so nervous!


So glad everything is going well hunwishyou the best for your scan today xx

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