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Elective c section

Hello ladies.just wondering if any of you had or will have an elective c section?i'm seeing the consultant on 23rd(i'll be nearly 36 weeks). How shall i prepare myself for the appointment?i want it due to previous traumatic birth and now i also suffer from little girl is still in transverse position so she can still move down but she's lying back to back (like my son did) so it would be a long and very painful labour again.what else shall i say when i see the consultant?xx

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Hi there, I can appreciate your anxiety about birth and interest in a c section. However would you still choose this if your baby wasn't back to back? Is there still time for the baby to turn to a better position? I think that by reviewing your previous birth notes and debriefing with a MW you trust would help you come to terms with the difficulties you experienced during your previous birth. Doing this helped me a great deal before the birth of my second son.

Please make no mistake a c section is not a soft option, its major abdominal surgery and will have implications for recovery and any future pregnancies. Do you have the support in place at home for after the surgery to help with baby, lifting, driving etc? I'm sure that by being fully informed and having all the answers to any questions the consultant may have, you'll be able to make the best decision for you and baby.

I hope this helps, good luck :)


Hi, I may be having an elective c section with this baby but hoping I can have a natural birth. My first child was born after a traumatic 32 hour labour by c section. My second child was an elective section as they knew I wouldn't be able to have him naturally. You may find it helps to make a list of any questions you want to ask beforehand, it's easy to forget when you get in there. If you have definately made your mind up that you want a c section just stick to your guns and explain your fears. It's your baby, your birth and your body. Hope all goes okay hun x


Thank you both for your replies.i'm so scared that sometimes when i start to think about giving birth i get panic attacks.if my previous labour was different we'd probably have a baby sooner not with 9 year gap.i know many women would prefer natural birth but when i heard my baby is back to back i was so happy.i hope they wont let me go through the same midwife did not realize my son was back to back until my partner called the doctor.i've lost loads of blood and needed midwife let me down and she let the hospital know bit late (only a week ago) about my situation where they've told me i should have seen consultant 8weeks ago (not at 36weeks).i had a laparoscopy done at 7weeks and 1last year.i know it wasnt as big operation as c section but i survived without any painkillers and managed to do things quick (they cut through my tummy muscles so it did hurt).i'm gonna have ppl around me like my partner for first month ,then my mother in law and my mum after.hopefully everything will go smooth.i'm seeing head of midwives tomorrow so she may suggest something as well. xx


I have no idea if the baby can still turn.i know she can move down but do the turn she would need more space i think.i will soon find out x


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