Hi just wondering I'm 27 weeks now and have been so unbelievably exhausted for the last two weeks. Had high blood pressure & protein in my urine which has now come down & am very breathless & my white blood cell count is high. My doc can see no reason for this so sent me to the maternity unit yesterday & they were horrible & treated me like I was wasting their time even though my doc asked me to attend. Is this all normal? Is anyone else feeling this way?

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  • They are abit mean treating you like that seen as your GP sent you, you are only following their advice.

    May be it is the heat. I am 24 + 5 weeks and feel so tired in the mornings I feel like I am hungover, even though I am not. My body just feels drained on energy.

    Maybe you have got low Iron or something and are anemic, did they take bloods off you?

  • I'm 27 weeks + had been feeling that way for about 4 weeks, so I asked my midwife to check my iron levels as fatigue and breathlessness can be a sign of low iron and I was right on the borderline of being low so I'm on iron tablets now and feeling much better, ask for your iron to be checked. Xx

  • Thanks ladies, have started taking iron tablets so just waiting to see if they help & have been taking it much easier. Fingers crossed I see an improvement cos the thought of the next 13 weeks of that I would cry

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