Twins question!

At the moment i am almost 22 weeks pregnant and my sister found out a couple of weeks ago that she is also pregnant. IM delighted! She already has a little boy who is a year a half, however, she had 3 miscarriages before him, and hey found out she had a blood disorder and had the inject herself very day during her successful pregnancy. Because of her history, she was sent for an early scan today and they saw twins!! However one twin is measuring 7+1 but the only s only 6+1 so a it of a difference. Also the smaller twin is located behind the other, making it difficult to locate a heartbeat. She has to go back in 10days and has been warned that the smaller one may no longer be there, however it could have caught up. Does anyone have any experience of this? Twin r not in of family so we feel a little clueless!

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  • Hiya well....

    If you have a look at my history back in January ish the exact thing happened to me!!! I am now 31 weeks pregnant with twins!!!!! I had an early scan at six and a half weeks due to bleeding and earlier miscarriage and they saw two sacs one had a baby and heartbeat the other was a very irregular shape and they could not locate baby or heartbeat so told me that they is a very high chance that the second baby would not make it. However we hoped that she would be ok, I even had another bleed and thought that I was loosing her but it was just more implantation blood. We went back 10 days later also and they found both babies and heartbeats, but they were still measuring about 5 days apart!! Then we had another scan about two weeks later and by this point both babies were around the same size strange thing to happen but obviously good!! So tell your sister to not give up hope as miracles do happen!! Are her babies in separate sacs? Xxx

  • Thanks so much, that's great to hear!! Yes there are 2 separate sacs, so we must just keep hoping!! I hope u r feelin well xx

  • That's great, mine obviously developed at different times. I hope everything goes well for your sister I will keep my fingers crossed for her :) will you message me and let me know how she gets on please? X

  • Yes of course I will, I ms say, before ur post I thought things were a little bleak!!

  • It's a strange thing to happen isn't it. I hope my story helps her be strong!! The wait inbetween is very difficult and felt like a lifetime to me x

  • I rang her to tell her what happened to you, fingers crossed it'll b the same for her. Feel she has already been through so much!!

  • I do hope so poor thing, I struggled with one miscarriage and that was terrible for me. She really does deserve the twins after what she's been through. The thing I love most about it is getting a complete family in one go, no more stress of pregnancy just this once and I'm complete. X

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