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Time off work for morning sickness

Has anyone had any experience of taking time off work for morning sickness? I'm in my 8th week of pregnancy and I've been struggling with morning sickness and nausea but battled through so far. Today is my first day I've called in sick, my boss knows I'm pregnant but he's not the most sympathetic person in the world. I feel guilty even though I know I shouldn't. Does anyone have any tips for aiding the sometimes it's worse feeling like your going to be just want to be sick and get it over with!

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Sorry to hear you are suffering! I am worse in this pregnancy than ever before and I know what a struggle it can be! I haven't been working in any of my subsequent pregnancies and wasn't too bad with my first so didn't have time off but a friend of mine had it very severely and is a nurse (so couldn't be gagging in front of patients!) and she ended up being off for several weeks. Really bad nausea which stops you eating or keeping food down can be serious and is worth seeing your GP about - she was signed off because of it. Personally I know that I always feel sick when I am a bit hungry so I try to keep nibbling even if I really don't feel like it - when it's really bad something totally bland like a rich tea is good. Ginger in any form you can manage it can help - I drink ginger & lemon tea as I am not big on the crystalized stuff. My friend swears by those magnetic wrist band thingies. Hope it goes soon!


always keep something plain with you to nibble on. I find that helps when I feel really ill. Dont attempt big meals, just light snacking throughout the day. really helps.

a friend of mine said that arrowroot was meant to have good medical qualities for gastro troubles and i found arrowroot biscuits quite helpful. She advised to eat 2 arrowroot biscuits with a drink first thing in the morning before you even step foot out of the bed. it helped a little bit and certainly helped the dizzy early morning spells.

good luck and if u find any gems of getting rid of the dreaded nausea, please share xx


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