25 weeks in and was randomly sick this morning

I'm currently 25 weeks into my pregnancy and have been lucky enough to have very few symptoms so far. However, this morning, without much warning, I was sick. It was just the once and I feel ok now, I think. I'm wondering what might have caused it. It definitely wasn't food-related as it had been too long since dinner & didn't have anything unusual for breakfast a short time before. I'm wondering whether it was a combination of being over tired (nothing to do with pregnancy, just not long enough spent in bed!), a bit stressed and the heat lately? Does anyone have any suggestions? It's another week until I see the midwife - I'll mention it to her then but I think a one-off episode like this probably isn't worth bothering her, or my doctor, with.

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best to mention anything u feel is unusual to ur midwife, even if it is just for reassurance that everything is ok. remember there is no such thing as a stupid question and the midwives are used to trivial matters anyways xx


Hi there, quick question do you suffer from Hayfever or have any sort of runny nose?

I'm 25 weeks now just last week I was sick after breakfast, just as this hot spell was starting (most unpleasant and I thought I was over all that). I had been waking up with a stuffy nose a couple of days prior a bit like a summer cold which I put down to the high pollen. Basically I was sick because I'd ingested nasal mucas and it doesn't digest well :(. I'm not worried about anything else because I was perfectly fine afterward and I haven't suffered since my nose is clearer thanks to the whiff of olbas oil.

During pregnancy we're often more sensitive, so things that might not usually bother us, cause a reaction - I haven't suffered with hayfever for years, and as for fatigue, heat and pregnancy combined will make you more tired than you'd like, remember to keep drinking regular fluids and rest when you need to especially during our lovely summer :)(best not moan too much!)

However, you know your own body best, and if you are in any doubt, talk to your MW or GP x


Thanks mamacool. I've never suffered from hayfever & don't seem to have any of the symptoms you have described, but an interesting idea & good point about being more sensitive to things generally. I usually pride myself on having a pretty good immune system but that's probably working overtime at the mo!


Hi, I was sick at random intervals throughout my whole last pregnancy and most often it was on an empty stomach. I am 20 weeks pregnant with my second now and the same is happening. Always worth mentioning it to the MW/GP though. xx


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