27 weeks pregnant and had a bad fall at the weekend, so scared :(


We went to a BBQ on Saturday afternoon, i was sat in the shade with my cup of tea and (im kicking myself for it now) two of my boyfriends friends were messing about (had a few drinks) and the bigger one went flying into me and i fell backwards off the chair then off the grass and onto the patio,it all happened in slow motion and ive really hurt my arms as i covered my belly, i couldnt feel my little man moving so i went to the local hospital and there was a huge wait but to put my mind at ease there was a lovely midwife that checked his heartbeat with a doppler while i waited to be seen, after being seen the midwife was happy to let me go and said that baby seems fine and that i may just be a bit sore in myself for a few days.

Everyone keeps telling me about falls they had when they were pregnant and everything was fine but i feel terribly guilty for putting myself in that position, he is moving but i honestly feel it is not as obveous as his movements before the weekend, also i keep getting these little stinging pains around my tummy and im not sure if thats normal at this stage in pregnancy or there is some sort of delayed reaction to the fall.

Has anyone had anything similar or can give me any kind of advice?

x x x

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  • Hi, I'm so sorry this happened to you! must have been really scary! It's not your fault though in any way! You must not allow yourself to feel guilty at all in my opinion.

    You must have been so relieved to hear the heartbeat and know that your little one is fine however, if it were me, and I was still feeling worried about it, I would go to the hospital and demand to have a scan, just seeing your baby moving about etc will really put your mind at rest.

    Don't forget that they are really safe in there and have lots of protection but this has never happened to me and I am not medically trained so if you feel like something is just not right then I would go back and demand a scan.

    Maybe a nice warm (not hot) bath to sooth your bruises might help and I hope your boyfriend is making sure you don't need to lift a finger! You should be resting as much as you can until you feel better. No housework, no cooking and all your favourite programmes on tv.

    Feel better :-)


  • Thankyou, i was thinking about going back and asking for a scan as they said if i still didnt feel right to go back, i do have a growth scan at 30 weeks but i think i will drive myself crazy for the next 3 weeks waiting,

    Im finding it really hard not to blame myself for this i know it couldnt have been helped but i just feel like i have put my baby in unnessasary danger, my boyfriend is also feeling the same way he said that he should have reacted quicker or he should have been closer to me :(

    He does look after me but hes not here during the week as he is in the army so im currently feeling very sorry for myself :(

    x x x

  • Hey hun, god hope your ok ?? Try not to worry I no easy said than done but baby is better protected than you think. God dam men !!!! Never grow up, take care hun and get checked again if ya still worried xxxxx

  • Oh sweet you poor thing. You are not to blame. Your obviously very worried ring maternity unit and explain situation and ask to be referred for a scan and once over xxx

  • i think i need to take a few days to re coup, i know i can be a drama queen at times but im very shaken if im honest, my boss isnt in today but he rang this morning and i told him what happened and he was so sympathetic, asked if i thought i should be in work, making me think i should be at home resting, i just ache from head to toe if im honest, but i think it will be a trip back to the hospital thankyou ladies

    x x x

  • Take your boss' kindness and have a couple of days off to relax. Just have a couple of lie-ins and watch all your favourite TV.

    Keep us posted xx

  • Hey hon, hope you are doing well now.. the reason you may not be feeling baby too active could e because the baby changed position.

    I am 38 weeks now and just went to the triage yesterday night, nope no fall, was just not able to feel her move and was shit nervous !

    while tied to the heart-beat monitoring devise for almost 45 minutes, i was so reassured that the baby was fine, she now has her back towards my belly and hands and feet are inward (good birthing position I assume), but i could not feel the movements as most of the limb movement are towards my spine and occasional bum-shakes and back shakes towards my belly (which i could feel). it was amazing as with the monitoring devise i could hear the change in heart beat and swish-swoosh sounds when she would move but not really feel it.

    however, it did put my mind at rest - so dear i would suggest not to worry or feel guilty about it - its ofcourse not your fault!

  • Thankyou everyone, i think my little man is trying to reassure me now, im getting a good kick in the ribs :D

    i think im going to see today out and if i still feel a bit rough tomorrow take the day off my boss is very understanding and i have a great friend at work who has offered to cover the phones for me

    x x x

  • Sorry it's a bit late, but if you ring your day assesment unit at your birthing hospital they will check everything out, scan, blood pressure, symptoms etc... I went into my hospital yesterday due to something unrelated and my hospital was great for reassurance and scanned me to check my babies to put my mind at ease!! I actually got wrong off them for leaving it over the weekend, I just assumed that I had to wait unless it was a massive emergency. Turns out I was completely wrong!! Hope your ok xx

  • I fell down the escalators at St Paul's station when I was 28 weeks. Had only been out of hospital for a week, so didn't want to go back - plus I fell backwards and not on my bump. The whole of the side of my right leg bruised, and one of the escalator steps took a big bite out of my calf... Flump was active +++. Didn't tell my other half til the next day. He went mad. My consultant was also less than impressed that I didn't get checked out... If you are worried, go to Mat Triage xxx

  • Hi! It seems you have more problems with the sense of guilt than with anything else concerning this situation. Please, don't blame yourself. It won't do you any good, because accidents happen from time to time, and no one is at fault. You're 27 weeks pregnant and the best thing for you now not to dwell on what happened and enjoy your state as much as you can: motherhow.com/27-weeks-preg...

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