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Ok, so this may seem a little off topic but I hope you can see the relevance in why I need help and advice. My next door neighbours are quite boisterous and social. They like to have a lot of parties and always have people round. They have two children, a youngster and a teenager. Last night, whilst my husband and I were watching TV, their younger son, accidentally kicked his football over into our garden. I got up immediately to throw it back but as I walked into the garden, he was half way across my lawn whilst one of his mum's was holding up the fence panel!!!!!! Upon further investigation through Facebook, we've even seen photos where they've been caught in the act in the middle of a family BBQ!!! So basically they've been entering our garden whenever they want!!!!! The final point is that I am pregnant with my first child and they have 2 massive dogs which seem quite scary, and I just don't feel safe knowing that they could lift the panels at any time and come in!!! I've researched online and it seems that you can't bolt down your side of their fence as you are effectively damaging their property!!! But we also don't have the money to buy a fence of our own!!!! At this hormonal stage in my life, I don't feel safe now and how do I know they aren't entering our garden whenever they feel like it....what if I leave my back door open and one of their dogs gets into my house when I have a newborn.....!!! I'm worried that if we mention it to them then they may start with the loud music and all night parties again!!! HELP!!!!

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Oh sweet :-( its one of those awkward situations in which you cant win but how dare they do that! So out of order id be fuming. Do you have coffees with thr mum or anything like that where you can bring it up in conversation? Im not a huge dog fan so can totally see why you are worrief xxx its a tough one xx


Can you put some things in front of the panels your side so even if they move the panels they can't enter - I'm thinking something like an outdoor storage chest? Personally I would speak to them but then i don't know what they are like. When baby arrives you can get a stair gate to go across your door if you feel really worried as would prevent a dog getting in x


If you got photographic eveidence of them being in your garden then just ring the police as they are trespassing. I know you probably dont need the hassle as dont want it to turn into neighbours from hell situation especially when you have got a baby on the way. They have got no right to come into your garden.

I would get some cellotape and put it on your side attached from the post to the fence and then if you find it has been broken at any stage then you know that thay have lifted the fence out again and been in your garden. I used to do this on my door when I was younger so I knew if my sister had been in my bedroom, pety I know but it works.


We have nice next door neighbours but they have dogs which try and get through the fence. It's their fence so we couldn't patch the gap up the dogs try and squeeze through. We've laid a huge piece of thick wood up against it. Blocks the hole and not interfering with next doors fence so we're all happy. We recycled an old piece of work top so it didn't cost anything. I'd try and cover the hole somehow if possible. Hope you get on OK. Keep us posted XXX


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