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Hugo 1st week!

Hugo 1st week!

Hi again everyone hope you are all ok and coping in this heat!!

I can't believe Hugo has been here for a whole week already! I was sat in bed feeding him on Friday thinking how is this possible!?!

He is doing really well, taken to breastfeeding like a duck to water! Midwife is very impressed by how we are doing! He lost 8.1% of his birth weight when he was checked at 3 days old, by day 5 he had piled it back on and had only lost 2% of his birth weight! This I am told is excellent and could even be discharged from the midwives next week and just be left having to see health visitors!

His sleeping on the other hand, not quite so good! He is a bit nocturnal! Sleeps like an angel most of the day and needs waking for feeds but at night so hard to settle. We are now waking him up after around 40 mins of sleep once he has been fed and keep him awake as long as possible without him getting too upset! Then he should in theory sleep better at night! We hope! The heat is not good! We have thermometers is all the rooms and its not dropped below 23° day or night! To add to this Hugo seems to have decided he dislikes his crib! I feed, wind and burp him let him fall into a deep sleep on my chest then put him down, within 5 mins he is screaming and very unhappy! He now sleeps in his buggy! I'm actually happier with this as is smaller so he can't roll onto his side like he could in the crib! Mum who has been a childminder for 25 years and is truly amazing with children suggested he may not like it because it feels too big for him even though it's less than half the size of a cot, he looks tiny in it! I've been assured that the pram is fine so long as he lays flat and many people resort to this for the first few weeks then once they have a bit if a pattern going we can get him back into the crib!!

Plenty of dirty nappies! Tommee tippee sangenic nappy disposal bin - one of the best things we bought! With fortnightly bin collections was worried about the smell but this item seals the nappies up and they don't smell at all! He is also getting good at what I have nicknamed "ninja wees" which those of you with girls shouldn't have much of a problem with!

All in all considering the traumatic birth and this is our 1st baby I'm happy with how things have been! It's a big learning curve at the end of the day and will take all 3 of us time to adjust!

Hope you are all progressing well and we will see some more New babies soon!

:0) xxx

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How cute is he, I love it when they sleep app scrunched in that position it must make them feel so safe.

Ah the nochtunal sleeper, dont you just love them. Bet you never realised how much crap telly was on in the early hours of the morning. Sky plus is a blessing now.

It will get better thats the only advice I can give you as it is just to hot to swaddle him. My little lad was 11 weeks when he slept right through but I was bottle feeding him so dont know at all if that is any different from breast feeding.

I made the mistake with my first as he was a terrible sleeper at night but all day I would sit there cuddling him and feeding and he would just sleep all day and then at night try and put him down in his moses basket which would be all on his own (he was in our room but you know what I mean) and he would just cry and cry. The midwife said 'are you suprised, where would you rather be in a lonely moses basket or all cuddled up next to mummy'.

In the day put him down as much as you can in his basket after a feed rather than holding onto him. I know you can't resisit it though long cuddles they are just so irrasistably cute.


Hiya Hun , glad your first week is going well despite the nocturnal routine which I'm sure will sort itself out with time. He's adorable lovely picture of him curled up. Lol ninja wees lol I've yet to get sprayed but I'm sure some unsuspecting night ill have a fountain display to deal with. Sounds like he's feeding well plenty of dirty and weey nappies is a good sign. Well done on the first week :-) xx


Hi huni what a handsome little chappy :-) lol I remember my second sleeping most of the day it didn't last long though so keep going and have rest while you can during the day also I found that no matter how much you try keeping them awake it doeant mean they will sleep during the night lol im very lucky this time my boy is sleeping most of night and I let him sleep as much as he likes/needs during the day. The saying -never wake a sleeping baby' has always stuck with me and the sleepless nights aren't forever lol. Your doing a fab job well done you and look forward to reading more updates xxx


Thanks for your update, he is so cute! We are also experiencing Ninja wees and the other day a leaky pooey nappy, we laugh and don't mind! We have got Samuel just in a nappy in this heat at the moment and have the curtains closed and windows open during he day, which is helping. We are averaging nearly four hours sleep at night then awake for 2 in between with changing and feeding. It helped me reading you blog as we are not far behind you in age and experiencing the same things! Great news on his weight loss, well done! X


Reading your story was like the double of mine.. my little Aodhan was 2 weeks yesterday and has got his days and nights mixed up big time :( he sleeps all day and is as good as gold when i wake him and is easily burped.. however by night hes wide awake and gurgles to himself, sometimes getting upset and wanting attention and fed constantly..

he also dislikes his moses basket :( even after falling asleep after being fed, waiting the 20 mins upright (reflux problems) , then gently moving him in, he still wakes screaming :( Like your mum, i think its because its just too big for him at the minute, he needs comfort and to be cosy.. the joys!

Oh i would be lost without my tommee tippee nappy bin.. love it :) Oh yes it will take a few weeks to adjust and to fall into a routine.. I still cant believe hes finally here safe xxooxx


I'm so pleased it's not just us! I knew it wouldn't be but you know what it's like!! He has had 2 really good night's thanks I think to using his pram! He spends all his time in just a nappy as you can see from the pic! today it's a bit cooler so he seems a lot more comfortable! Glad your babies are doing well too!

P.s has anyone else that's recently given birth painted your toenails yet!? It's amazing to be able to do that again!!



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