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Has anyone used Detinox for Colic?

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My little one has terrible trapped wind and is constantly straining. Have tried infacol and colief but not much luck. I've heard detinox is good - has anyone had any experience with it? Nearly at my wits end - she is constantly uncomfortable and crying!!

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Awww poor baby and poor you. Its horrible seeing your baby uncomfortable and upset and not being able to do anything to comfort them. Ive tried infacol with my first and like you had no joy. Ive not tried dentinix colic drops but anything is worth a try isnt it? Do you think it could be the milk? Xxx

Dentinox worked for my Grandson when all else failed we put it in the bottle of milk and fed him sitting very upright as this helped bring the wind up.

Also a very light massage of her tummy may help as well.

Good luck!!

The research shows that non of these things makes any difference though many parents swear by one or another of them.

If you are breastfeeding get someone to check your positioning.

How old are they? How long has this been going on for? Are babies poos normal? Any raising of the knees to the chest during spasms? Any excess vomiting? Producing lots of wet nappies? Drinking well?

If worried get your little one checked out. X

I used that for my daughter and it worked, but then I started winding her mid feed and it worked just as good! Or if she had trapped wind in the day and winding didnt work I'd blow raspberries on her tummy and shed giggle so much shed fart. Good luck!

I tried e everything with mine dentinox does work to an extent. My daughter used to screem 8 hours a day and I used to peace the floor with her. The best thing I would recommend to anyone is using anti colic dr brown bottles with the tube in you can also get tommy tippee ones that do the same now and I changed the milk from SMA to cow and gate comfort altho its more experience I npticed amawsive ddifference In just a few days. Try lying baby over your knee o her tummy and rubbing bqck ans swaying legs fro. Side to side or in your arms. Try not to place on back as much as it cause wind cramps. Good luck. Xx

Thanks for all your advice ladies. Apologies I should have been a little more detailed. She is 7 weeks tomorrow. The last few weeks she has been stretching her legs out and straining and crying so much. Sometimes she farts and I wind her during and after a feed. I am using the aptamil anti reflux milk because when I went to the docs they said it might be a bit of reflux. They prescribed her gaviscon but it made her constipated so stopped using it and started using the reflux milk instead. It has stopped her hiccuping and she doesn't spit up milk any more but still seems uncomfortable. I am trying infacol now but her poo was small and hard this morning so not sure if that is also making her constipated!!! I am going to give her water between feeds and see if that works - I know they say if you change something they can be constipated for a while so I'm hoping it'll pass. Xx

Ps she is drinking the milk well and sleeping well in the day but not really at night. Her poos were fine until this morning, I started giving her infacol yesterday. She has plenty of wet nappies and I wind her upright and try to keep her as upright as possible.

Is there a baby massage group near you? I remember when I took my first to a class there wad something that helps them go to loo. It might help if she got tummy ache :-( sometimes its just one of those things that stop as quickly as it starts I know that doesn't help at 2am hun but its not do forever xxx

YES! I have used this it was my godsend with my son. I tried so many different colic relief and only this one worked on him all you do is put one syringe (supplied) full into babys feed. With my son I had to do this every other feed. I will highly recommend this to you good luck

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Great thanks I will try it I think. She's actually started to be a lot better the last day or so. Only being grumpy a few times a day - seems much more comfortable for a lot longer which is good. Fingers crossed it'll only get better!!!

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