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5-6 weeks pregnant bleeding

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Hi I have been bleeding for 8 days now I have had an early scan could see the baby and its heartbeat beating away and got told that its implantation bleeding, how long will it last?

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I was bleeding for 11days, but all the same everyone is different so yoours might to last up to that

It seems to have got heavier but have no pain or not passing clots is this normal just a bit worried now this is my second pregnancy didn't have anything like this with first

Go see your GP or go to A&E n just check if everything is okayy mine n is it freshh blood like light?

Go see your GP or go to A&E n just check if everything is okayy mine n is it freshh blood like light?

Yeah it's fresh blood

You need to see a doc ASAP

I had a heavy bleed with clots at 12 weeks and went for a scan and the baby was fine, you may have a heamatoma in your cervixs which has ruptured and causing the bleeding. Ring your doc on Monday and tell them you are still bleeding and ask for another scan in epu. I bleed for about 4-6 weeks after but it went brown blood.

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Yeah I'm going to ring doctors Monday morning and get seen the scan I had on Thursday showed fine could see babys heart beating, what is a heamatoma ?

It is another word for a bruise they said. Mine was in between my sac and my womb and when my cervixs stretched with the baby growing it ruptured causing bleeding. I sh1t myself with the amount of blood as I thought I was having a mc. They never even picked it up on my emergency scan it was my 12 week routine sonogrpaher that picked it up. It has absorbed back into my placenta now thank god. I am now 24w 3days. Good luck and insist that you need a scan, as sometimes they can fobe you off. Let us know how you get on please :-)

I bled at 5/6 weeks, had scan, everything fine and now have gorgeous 6 month old daughter! When I mentioned bleed to friends, many said they had it and they all went on to have girls...not sure if that's just coincidence. My bleed was like a light period and lasted about a week. Read on Internet about implantation bleed but I assumed that would be at 2/3 weeks but sonographer said implantation was around 5/6 weeks and a bleed at that time wasn't uncommon. Some people bleed all the way through a pregnancy, every month. Don't let people scare you with tales but if you're worried ring doctor/midwife.

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Was also my second pregnancy

I'm booked in for another scan tomorrow hopefully everything is ok but tonight passed a big clot of blood and since then the bleeding is not has heavy any more.

Hi how much bleeding are you having mine started out was super light and now past two days it's heavier

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This was 8 years ago

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