We're enjoying this lovely weather but :-(

Hi all

Hope you are all well carrying your bumps. I hate to moan "espicially at this time of the year" but im having a tough time dealing with this summer's scorching tempratures.

Im now 22wks gone in this pregnancy & sinse ive found out its a girl ive been so happy i can honestly say nothing has been able to upset me or bring my mood down.

But last night was just so humid im almost feeling as if im short of breath just walking up the stairs to go to the loo. I find myself having to sit down & take a few deep breaths to manage my heart rate.

Ive been keeping a few bottles of water in the freezer just to make me feel awake & alert through this morning & im sure throughout the day today.

The cold water also gets the baby to shift about more often during the day now as i think she's going to be a night player for the 1st few months (after birth :-) )

Once ive got a few loads of washing done & hung outside i think me & my son will go to our local leisure centre for a swim.


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  • Loving the weather as well though 40+6 days now going for walks in the park to get my baby some vitamin d.i really love the sun people think am not comfie coz of my huge bump but that's not the case with me am loving it!! My baby coming next week( getting induced) loving the fact that she will be a summer baby!! X

  • I used to love hot weather like today but not now :( 33+2 and i'm keeping myself indoors.its boring but at least my feet and hands are not swollen.i couldnt even put my sandals on yesterday lol.i'm afraid its gonna get hotter tomorrow and stays hot all week :( i cant sleep well as well and i feel like a walking zombie lol xx

  • Go and get a paddling pool! I bought a lovely big one this morning and am lounging in it right now feeling cool as a cucumber - it's keeping my son more than amused too which is a lot easier on me than the usual 5 hours of football I'm required to play on a Saturday with him!

    Sounds like you're keeping hydrated which is the most important thing.

    Sending cooling thoughts your way :-) x

  • Hi I no the feeling I cant cope with this heat at all I love been out in the sun and warm weather apecially now Im on maternity leave but its just to much I tried shopping team valley for a chqnge yesterday and only managed 2 shops the heat was awful feeling faint hot sick not nice im 32+ weeks and every day gets harder specially with an extremely active baby and a 4 year old. We are at a outdoor 3 year olds birthday party today so wish me luck think am going to need it. Xx

  • Definetely. I wish you luck, i guess the best thing is that your 4 yr old will be occupied for a couple of hours whilst you sit & relax in the shade.


  • Hating the heat too! Hardly slept last night and started work at 6am this morning. Wish i had a pool!!!

  • I normally love the hot weather but with the added bonus of swollen hands and feet and an upset stomach from the heat - this is the worst ive felt all the way through and im 32+3. A nice dose of untreatable hayfever isnt improving my mood....turning more into 'pregzilla' by the minute. Might buy myself a pool - what a great idea.


  • Oh god yeah, a paddling pool full of cool water right now would take me to heaven.

    It's just as well as this weather has sure got me out the house more (that's for sure)


  • Hello im 33+5 and im not a fan of this weather. Im very pale anyway so I have never been a sun worshiper, I find that the weather is taunting me and we have a nice breeze during the day but the moment I wish to sleep it vanishes.

    My partner has been very good and dealing with my crazed rants of 'don't touch me' and my favorite 'The water has run out I need more' (I keep a 1 litre bottle by the bed). I find that just sleeping in some cotton shorts is the best thing, and also keeping curtains drawn and windows open during the day helps.

    It will be interesting to see how the ladies in my antenatal class are coping with this when we have our meeting tonight. Im sure we will all look very uncomfortably and their will be some partners scared of upsetting the mood. Thats the bit I hate about this weather is that this whole time I have not had any mood swings, but this heat is just making it very hard to not be snappy.

  • I feel the same, I'm now 38+3 and although I love warm weather I struggled a little yesterday. I had to sit out in a shady corner of the garden with ice water and a magazine, hubby had instructions to top me up every so often. I also freeze bottles of water and then take them out with me if I go anywhere. I've pulled out all my old maxi dresses from past holidays and they help loads too, I really don't care that they're too short at the front because of bump, I'm comfy, lol!

    Good luck, I hope you manage to cool down xxx

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