Nervous about the anomally scan - can gender scans be wrong?

I had a gender scan at 17 weeks and there was no mistaking the 3 lines that show I'm having a little girl. I was so happy I actually cried for an hour haha - my OH asked me if I was actually happy because I was still crying, all I could do was nod. It was the best news I have ever received in my entire life and I was overcome. I'm not saying I would be sad if I was having a boy but I have dreamt of having my own daughter since I was probably about 12.

I am now 20+4 and have my anomally scan next Friday when I will be 21+4. I am not only nervous about there being something wrong with my baby but I am so nervous that the sonographer might turn around and say "congratulations, you're having a boy".

I've already started to bond with my baby on the basis that she is my baby girl! I have already named her and bought her little outfits.

Has anybody experienced a gender scan where they got it wrong? and equally, has anyone had a gender scan at 17 weeks and they were 100% right?

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They say its 90percent accurate mine is supposed to be a girl As well if it turns out to be a boy........I don't know what I will do!! X

LOL! I was also told its a girl (now 22wks) i just hope its right as ive already bought a few pink, girly items of clothing.

Apprently a baby girl's repoductive system can be seen via the scan so HOPFULLY!!

Baby gender before the birth and conception.

Baby gender by photo of parents only.

To do this I have a group at facebook

Group is called Baby gender by parents photo

Fingers crossed for us both then!! Congratulations by the way x

I have seen the 3 lines on my scan and ive started a bond but if she is a boy i wont be gutted because the bonds still there just a name change and colours. Ive names my little girl already but i still have a boys at the ready. You wont different when your babies born.

Depending on how good the sonographer is it's around 80-85% accurate

It's much more accurate later in pregnancy - reason being that all embryos, although genotypically (chromosomally) male or female, phenotypically (appearance) is often 'intersex' - genital organ development is hormonally driven and a big clitoris and a small penis can look very similar...

This made my day! Thank you for taking the time to respond to me. I really hope I have the same experience as you then! Congratulations!!!


I had a scan at 19 wks and saw three lines and told I was having a little girl I did have a huge smile on my face when I was told. then at my 21 week scan I was show that I was in fact having a little boy. At first I felt a tiny pang of disappointment because I've always wanted a little girl as I am so close to my mum but then I realised I am still going to be a mum (which drs said wouldn't happen) and I am very lucky. Now I am quite happy to be havin a little boy :) xx

Congratulations on your little boy! I know that I will take the same attitude as you if I am told it's a boy...As long as we have a beautiful healthy babies then all is right with the world!

How clear was the image for you first time round though, were there doubts at that point?

She kept her legs closed to begin with, like a little lady and then had a big stretch and showed us everything - the image could not have been any clearer so I am just clinging on to the fact it was unmistakable...


I really relate as I have always visualised myself having a daughter and was getting into a panic about having a boy, especially as I split with the baby's dad when I was a couple of months pregnant so was worrying that I couldnt be a role model for a boy. I was absolutely overjoyed when I was told it was a girl...cried my eyes out and walked out oft he sonographers on cloud nine holding my mums hand who was equally delighted (although she had kept telling me off for saying I didnt want a boy lol). I have had the same worries as you about the risk of it being wrong but I am trying not to worry as the sonographer said it was 98% accurate. I think we just have to relax and trust in the universe to bring us our girls :-) Xxx

I'm sorry to hear that it didnt work out with the baby's father but sounds to me like you have a wonderful support in your mum!

Congratualtions on your little girl!

Can I ask, how many weeks were you when you were told it was a girl?


A freind of my cousin was told she was having a girl and went and bought loads of pink girls stuff only to give birth to a baby boy instead. But its not very oftrn they get it wrong. :)

Thanks Waldinone :-) I think its best it happened now rather than when the baby was here. And it was my choice so that makes it easier although have still be racked with gulit about bringing a child into the world and not being the perfect two parents. I was 20 weeks exactly.

Kaz 123 I hope that doesnt happen to me lol. I have bought loads of pink too lol x

The suspense of the next 4 days is literally driving me crazy - I just want Friday to be here now so that I can have my 21 week scan and be told it's a girl no doubt! I have never wished my life away like I am this week haha! I am going on holiday on Sunday so it would be nice too to be told she's a she and that she's healthy so I can relax on my holiday and celebrate.

I too am going through a bit of a rough spell with my partner - he is struggling to adjust and has been fighting his issues with alcohol abuse the whole time we have been together. He's not the type to need a drink when he wakes up or even every day, more that getting drunk is his coping mecanism in life. A problem I hoped would have been ironed out before we fell pregnant. I have had to put an ultimatum in place because his behaviour will be unacceptable when our little girl is here.

I think sometimes you have to make the decision that is best for you. your daughter will have two loving parents whether you are together or not and will know no different. All babies want is love and to feel safe and protected (and feeding etc of course lol) and I'm sure we can give our girls that!


I 100% agree with you! I was raised by my mum although I spent every weekend with my dad and had a great realtionship with both of them. I hope my baby's dad will be in touch with her and will prove to be a loving father even though he is not great for a relationship. I dont expect any financial or emotional support from him which terrified me at first but now at least I wont be disappointed or let down. I know I can rely on myself and luckily I have a good job so wont be in poverty! Anyway hope the scan is what you hope for and good luck xx

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