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Should I still be taking multi vitamins? 23+6

Hello all,

My husband keeps moaning at me for not taking the multi vitamins supplied by the midwife at our first appointment. I'm 23+6 and stopped taking them around 9/10 weeks as they made me vomit within 5 mins of taking them. Midwife hasn't said so far I should be taking them, has anyone been recommended any individual vitamins instead of the multi vitamin tablets?

(I was given the pink pregnancy care tablets by midwife)

thanks for any replies

:) x

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I was advised to keep on with them - try a different brand. X


Thanks :) knew the husband would be right, won't be telling him any time soon though! Haha x


I was advised to take them for the duration of pregnancy, I take pregnacare but never suffered with vomiting and always took half way through evening meal X


I've never taken them except for this pregnancy...if u eat a good diet then ur be fine but u must take folic acid till 12 weeks...I took them till I was about 16 weeks but then started forgetting all the time so just take them when I remember! X


I stopped taking mine at 13 weeks, as they were making me really constipated :-(

I now take a berroca every morning and try and eat my 5 a day, so far so good and I'm feeling amazing at 22weeks!!

My midwife just advised I may need to start on supplements near D-day as I want to breastfeed.

Hope that helps, xXx


I stopped as well as for the same reason the mw told me off I had to get pregnacare instead.x


U could try pregnacare, or Neale's Yard Remedies do a prenatal vitamin that is good as well, a bit more expensive than pregnacare but if it avoids u feeling sick then worth it. If u get something over the counter which isn't specifically designed for pregnancy then watch out for ones with lots of vitamin A as that might be bad for the baby.


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