Whats going on with me?

So my period a end of April was two days late, but when it arrived it was normal - I had been very poorly on due date with sickness and upset stomach so gathered that was why I was late.

Then in May my period started a week early and lasted 12 days, bleeding normal in the last 4 days. I had sore lower stomach pains like it was being stretched and cramps which woke me - I never suffer with period pains. Is it possible that I have had a miscrriage and not know I was pregnent? Someone please help - my stomach still feels like it is being stretched and when I am standing it feels harder than normal.

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Its possible you may have suffered an etopic pregnancy

If you're feeling pain around your abomen area which feels out of the normal sort of period pain its best to get it checked out as if it was a miscarrige your G.P may need to refer you to an ante-natal care clinic.


Hi there, as mentioned above you may have an ectopic pregnancy and medical treatment is necessary. Go to your Dr and ask for a scan because from what you've mentioned you need to be checked over. Have you done a pregnancy test?


Do a pregnancy test, if it says positive then it is possible u have miscarried. The hormone will still be in your system for about 8 weeks. I wud get checked out by the doc if it does. If it says negative then u may b jst suffering from bad period pains. When I had a mc it took 8 weeks 2 test negative but I no some r sooner depending on how far gone u were.


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