20 week scan done all ok!

Just got back from 20 week scan and everything seemed to be fine which was a massive relief. Baby was wriggling round loads and sonographer had a job to keep up with him/her. Didn't find out sex which was easier to deal with than i thought. Just want to know he/she is ok really. All measurements were fine.

Got really upset afterwards when i read the notes which said " Technically difficult scan due to maternal habitus" At first i was really worried what this meant and annoyed as to why the sonographer didnt say anything to me until i worked out that i'm pretty sure this basically just means that i'm fat and there was a lot to get through to get a clear picture judging by the way she was pressing down very hard!! I got really upset by this as am very sensitive about my weight having battled so hard to get down from nearly 20 stone to 12 and half stone i feel like i've done really well but am still classed as overweight and to see that on scan notes was very upsetting. I know the bigger picture is that baby is healthy and fine and for that i am very grateful and i also know there are plenty of people who would swap places with me in a heartbeat so i don't want to be a moany old cow about it - just couldn't help but get upset by the comment.

Oh well can always start slimming world again next year - for now it's all about keeping baby safe. Hope you guys are all ok


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I am not suprised you got upset, they dont know you, they dont know what you have been through to loose that weight, it is bloody hard. You know in your heart how much weight you have lost and dont let it get you down thinking that 12.5 stone isn't a massive achievment, you wont have to have another scan now in this pregnancy so will never have to meet them again.

Keep your chin up and be proud, who cares what they have put, you have got a healthy baby in their and thats all that matters :-)


Hi babe,

I wouldn't take the notes you've read to seriously as every sonographer is a Lil'different about how they view a baby "via ultrasound"

the midwife who performed my 20wk scan was also very firm & she still had a bit of difficulty taking correct measurment due to the baby shifting & wriggling around.

Just like you mentioned the main thing is that the baby is fit & well with no major complications found.

P.S Well done for not wanting to know / reveal the gender as the suspense was too much for me to bear :-)


Hi. My sonographer wrote the same. I won't say I am overweight because I am obese :D

But as you said in the end all that matter is baby is healthy. :)

Hope all goes well till the end.


Oh u should of said to her u have worked hard to lose a lot of weight...but well done u! Don't let people like that let u down! Glad bubba is fine xxx


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