over doing everything

Hi All, Hope everything is going good for you and your bumps.

its been so nice to be able to share experiences with everyone on here. and to know that we arent all alone.

im 32 weeks now (YAY. not long), but Monday i had the keys to my new place. so tuesday i spent all evening scrubbing the kitchen and bathroom from where the builders left such a mess. (im very particular)

Yesterday then i spent up until 10.30pm steam stripping wallpaper off my living room walls. i woke up this morning at 3am to feeling extremely unwell. like im full up with a cold. (i suffer with hayfever but know its not this). ive got a majorly sore throat and headache. also toothache and a blocked nose that wont unblock regardless of what i do.

ive been very emotional today as all i want to do is get my house sorted as i have to move in there tomorrow. i cant do things in sections. it all has to be done.

ive sat at ym desk crying all day on and off. im worrying myself yet i cant stop to think, only that i need to sort my house.

even last night i had this horrible cramp pain up my side and ended up have 2 bouts of diarrohea (sorry about tmi).

i know im doing too much but i want it done ready for the baby.... got a feeling i will see him earlier than i expect at this rate.

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Yup sounds like you are massively overdoing it and being superwoman, and maybe your body is protesting a bit! I was doing the same then ended up succumbing to shingles, and I have not been under anywhere near the pressure it sounds like you are under!

I've been finding that tired = emotional wreck + nauseous / stomach cramps. I fear you need to put sleep at the top of the to do list, though I appreciate that's not the easiest thing to do if you (like me) don't like living with things less than perfect...

Can you put out a plea for extra hands to help you rather than do it all yourself?

My heart goes out to you, hope you are ok xxx


Can you not pay someone to come and strip the walls etc for you? You are gonna end up over doing it and end up in hospital with high blood pressure or something.

Loads of people have left school and would probably be glad of abit of extra cash to do something.

We have got the nursery to paint but I have said sod it and given a painter & decorator the job when we go away on holiday so he can crack on and do it, he said it will only take him a day, i dont even want the hassle.


It is so frustrating that ur body doesn't allow u to do what it used to. U have to do things in wee stints. I found this really hard to cope with. I went thro a stage of feeling really useless. I'm a dance teacher and danced right up to 36 weeks. On my last week at r show I was on my feet all day, I knew I did too much because the next day I felt physically sick and was in so much pain I couldn't walk. It worried me. Lesson well learned.


I no its frustrating Iv been I a simular boot but now I hqve had no choice to slow down I have made my SPD worse, my hips morning sickness has returned and I am generally worn out you need to listen to ypur body its trying to tell you something Im 32 weeks now and counting frantically just wa t baby here now av had enough of feeling unwell. Last thing we need is to bring on prem birth tho. Of you do t have anyone around to help then things will just have to wait everything takes time. Dont over do it. Xx


Little steps at this stage! but woohoo in ur own place am happy for u must feel quite over whelming all this change but change is good especially for u...a new beginning for u and little one, congratulations on the new pad xxx


Ah snap, I am also 32 weeks and we moved house 3 weeks ago! Our new house was also I'm a state so we spent a week cleaning and I painted & glossed our bedroom & the nursery as I wanted all the essential bits done before we moved all our bits in! I was also working although managed to get 2 days off to ease it a bit! I also felt very stressed and by the evenings was sobbing as I was so exhausted that I didn't know what to do with myself! All the squatting & bending made my hips freeze, one evening I got stuck bent over and the next I got stuck in the standing position- then I realised I was overdoing it! Mine and my partners parents ended up helping us a lot, which I found difficult as I guess I'm a bit of a control freak! Ha. I now realise that I wouldn't have been able to do it without them though! Have you got anyone you can ask for help? X


i had my mum helping me last night but i dont like asking too much of her as her job is very demanding. but i finally stripped the whole living room and by 10pm i had also sealed the plaster :) tonight is painting and then my brother will put up the wallpaper on sunday.

people say they will help and then SURPRISE SURPRISE you cant get hold of them. my hips are going slowly. and i sat on the floor to get the skirting boards last night and couldnt get back up.

my sickness has been back with a vengeance the past few weeks but im on antisickness tabs to try control this. i feel that not eating in the evening helps me tho.

everyone says i cwill never make full term but i will be surprised if this baby does come early. he is comfy in there.

i have to move in today so its all go. im in work until 5pm and then straight down the house to paint the living room. the next room will be my bedroom and then the babys. the rest i dont mind doing as i go along. i have someone kindly offer their services of ceiling painting and the glossing for me. so thats a big help.

i have 2 days off next week so have decided i will go hear babys heartbeat first and then chill out. i do have delivery of my mattress and fridge though on those days. but strictly NO house work for me. :)

thank you everyone xx


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