So I am nearly 30 weeks pregnant, first pregnancy and only ever seen the Doctor (only once seen the midwife when I found out I was pregnant!) for check ups as my BMI is 34 and My next appointment is at 36 weeks should I be seeing someone before then??? Feeling very abandoned! HELP IS THIS THE NORM???

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No! You Should be seeing them every week now haveu had ur scans? I Would ring ur community midwife dept and speak to them. . So Do u mean u have been seeing ur g.p regularly about ur pregnancy?


Sorry I thought u said ur 36 weeks think u see ur midwife every 2 weeks then every week x


No not at all. Should see midwife for booking appt (about 8ish weekd) then scan at 12, midwife antenatal at 16weeks scan at 20, midwife at 25weeks then a home visit from midwife at 28 ( dont know if that same in all areas) then antenatal at 31; 34 then every couple of weeks. Im not surprised you're feeling abandoned. Give maternity unit a call and explain situation. They will get you sorted xx


Have you had any scans? Did you GP refer you to the midwife then and you fill out forms? This is very bizarre that they have left you with out any care.

I am 24 weeks today and to be fair I have only seen my midwife twice, one for my booking appointment at 10 weeks and then at 16 weeks. I have got my next app next Wednesday were I will be 24weeks 6days. All in all through the pregnancy I think I will see her about 6 times but this is my 3rd baby.


This doesn't sound right at all although i am only 20 weeks and this is also my first baby but i have all the appointments that i need to attend written down in my pregnancy notes - midwife did this for me at booking appnt at 9 weeks. then 1st scan at 12 weeks, midwife again at 16 weeks, 2nd scan at 20 weeks, doctors at weeks 25,31 and 38 and midwife at weeks 28, 34, and 40 according to my plan and if all continues to go smoothly.

i would definitely contact your maternity unit - i know care depends a little bit on what area you live in but it shouldnt be thiat different. Get it checked out.


Doesn't sound like you are getting anywhere near the right support. I am only 8 weeks but have seen the midwife and have my 16 week scan booked. Agree with all the above, would contact your local doctors and ask to urgently meet with your midwife. They need to be checking your urine and blood regularly. I believe with a first baby they normally give you a couple of extra appointments.


No - it's not right! This is what you should get:

booking (all pregnancies)

16 weeks (all pregnacies)

25 weeks (first baby)

28 weeks (all pregnancies)

31-32 weeks (first baby)

34 weeks (all pregnancies)

Then every two weeks until birth.


Obviously, there are small variations based on where you live, but the above is the gold standard.


Thanks all for your info got onto my local surgery and have an appointment with my midwife on Wednesday. Now have a 6 day wait stressing if baby is ok.

I think it all began to go a bit south because I have had to see a gp at my local ANC and for some reason I assumed all of these appointments were part of what I was supposed to have.

I have had 2 doctors appointments at the ANC where bp, urine, babies heart beat were tested which everything was ok. Also had 2 scans, again everything was ok and a 3d scan at 27 weeks where they said baby was correct size.

Being a first time mum, self employed and fairly new to my area I don't ever come into contact with other mums and the last babies in my family were 20 years+ ago. Should have come on here sooner I guess, for advise from all you superstars, but I honestly thought, this was the NHS service (all be it a little slack all pregnant women get.) It really wasn't until a few emails I received from the pregnancy/baby clubs about what happens at what week in your pregnancy that I began to realise there wasn't something right.. DOH!

Anyway hopefully Wednesday will all be ok and thank you all so, so much for your advise and help.



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