Scan at 8 weeks but no heart beat! They want me to come back next week! has anyone been through the same?!

Hi Girls, i had a scan today but because i did one before were they said i was 4 weeks, they think am 8 weeks instead of 6... !!! If am 8 weeks the baby is too small but if am 6 weeks the baby is fine, they couldnt see a heart beat so they said they were very concerned and want me to go back next week again for another scan! I cried all the way from the hospital but everyone is saying that i should stay positive for a least another week until the 3rd scan... i don't know how to be positive right now.. ;-( Please help me! xxx


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5 Replies

  • God bet you were heart broken. All you can do is wait. I do know there is a few ladies that have been in similar position as you and they have not been as far gone as they expected and went back for the scan and then seen the babies heartbeat. Good luck and keep your chin up.

  • Hi hun. Sorry scan didn't go great. I have heard of people going for early scans and no heartbeat and being asked to go back at a later date and all being well. Lets hope this is the case with you xx

  • Hi, I had a scan at 7 weeks and no heartbeat seen but it was there at about 9 weeks and am now 29 weeks pregnant. Keep positive and all the best for the next scan x

  • Heartbeat often not easily detected at early stages so try not to worry.

  • Thank you GIRLS!!! ;-) I feel a bit better... am just hoping that my baby is fine! Wish me good luck xx

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