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pram decisions!

im 30 weeks 3 days and I still haven't picked what pram I am getting yet,ive been looking but only one that I really got drawn to was the stoke xplory( sure its the most expensive 1 in the shops to) lol

decisions desions! this is my 3rd child & I drive so im in the car most times at the moment, planning to be walking a lot more when babys here tho.

with my 1st + 2nd babys I ordered prams as soon as I found out sex, but this time it just seems so hard to choose, any ideas on good prams or has anyone got stoke and is it a good pram? :)

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I got the Xplory - went to the 'pram track' at Kiddicare as test raced a few with my friend! Definitely the most stable on a bend, and really responsive! I love it :-D


Ive got the Cosatto giggle. I really happy with it definitely recommend it hun. Xx


soon as I seen stoke I was drawn to it straight away :)

is it ok folding down ? when a was in mothercare the lady who was shown me it up & down took like 20mins to get it down, sure thatl just be down to her not knowing how it works, suppose like any pram after a few go,s of it up & down u get the hang of it,

its strange you sayin about the cosatto giggle 1, I was just looking at that 1 online , I think its really smart & trendy to, that's great you recommend that 1 to, I will have to get to the pram shop & test them all out :)


It's really simple to put down and get back up again!

If there is a Kiddicare near you, I would really encourage you to check it out! Their customer service is amazing, they're generally cheaper than mothercare and mamas and papas and currently have 15% off spends of above £100... They Price match too and refund you an additional 25% of the difference :-)


Yea I really like it. Very lightweight. As Drfluffy get yourself to nearest kiddicare store and do dome test driving haha :-D

Going back to growth scan. So do they think this baby is going to br a whopper too? My daughter and first son were both a week early both nice sizes, was expected my third to be early and weigh about the same but he was late and then smallest! I was warned third babies are unpredictable lol xx


theres no a kiddiecare anywhere near me, im from fife (Scotland)

yeah I seen theres 15% of when spend over £100, mothercares got that deal on at the moment to, but it dosnt include the stokke,from either of the stores :( also from mothercare & mamas&papas you get the stoke carseat free its worth £269 when you buy stoke, :)


they just said with having 2 babbies weighting just over 10lb, more than likely to have another big baby, my bumps big but just normal for being about 31 wks,

my babies were 10lb 4half but they weren't massive or that they were long but still looked tiny & absoubly gorgeous :)

who knows baby number 3 could be 10lb or even just 5lb :)


stokke xplory is what I'm getting also so beautiful,go for it girl it's worth every mother care they are doing offers buy stokke and get a free car seat. Definitely will recommend that. mother care is `£829 but do not know if its cheaper elsewhere.


yeah its such a lovely pram/buggy :)

ive not ordered it yet but was at mothercare today for the buggy & free car seat £829 with the carrycot £999,

can choose from 3 car seats but im gni go with the stokke 1 it costs £269 but free at moment :)

get 1 bag and rain cover included,

theres a site online back in action, you get it all for £899 but safest choice is mothercare because if anything goes wrong easier just to take it back in to store, u get a 3 year guarantee,

I was also in mamas&papas its same price as mothercare but you have to go through stokke for guarantee, so mothercare is the best&safest option, if you've joined the baby&me club you also get a £20 voucher of prams :) every little helps


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