week 38

almost there. My community mid-wife has gone on a holiday, so I have my next appointment only at week 39 (no appointment this week).

The obstetrician has not bothered to seen me once over this pregnancy although I read her notes regarding strep B and still-borne babies of my mother and advise for constant monitoring. Funny !

Baby is moving well. She has some liking for some songs and others put her to sleep. I have made a skirting for the baby moses basket (girly frily one). Have washed up everything in the house, except curtains and carpet (even washed the washing machine :P )

My own room is a mess right now, waiting for sheets to dry as I write this.

Have vacated my office in Uni. officially on maternity leave now.

Yesterday was bit sore - I had a terribly bad back pain which would go to my sides with some shooting intensity at times. Also had 3 instances of stomach tightening (one time it stayed for almost 45 minutes despite of me going to toilet, drinking water and moving around) - Called Triage and they said to come in if I sense something not normal. but within 5 minutes of calling triage the tightening went away and the baby was moving fine.

Today is a lot better, my back was not sore when I got up, but is getting sore now when I am sitting. I guess the body and mind both are telling me to make the last bit of preparations, clean the windows, hang the toys, get the pram ready, and also set up the mosses basket, check the maternity bag again. Oh! I can still go on counting things I have to do. Also boil pasta and refrigerate it, rearrange kitchen cabinets and throw away old shoes, and bottles and plastic bags etc to make more and more space. (dont know why I am getting so frantic about making space, my husband dont like throwing stuffs especially the once which can still be worn - but I am not consulting him this time, everything goes in the black bag and out of my house :P )

was trying to take my wedding rings and bangles out - but seems like my hands have put on some extra weight although they look pretty normal.

Got my nails done in pink (to welcome the baby girl and I hate having bad looking un-moisturized feet - dont want to fret about them while in labor).

Was planing to go for a hair-spa if I get sore back again today like yesterday.

Also had lunch planned with friends today. And than I would sleep all over the evening and read a child-birth book.

I guess she is almost there and I cant wait to meet her :) (I would be rather disappointed if I dont go into active labor by this weekend or max. next week :P )

Oh! BTW also managed to happily go kite flying with husband to the beach in St. Andrews - that was a nice sunny day before !!

thanks to all who have been really helpful in answering my questions and discussing stuffs. I hope healthy pregnancies and babies for all :)

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Good luck keep us 40+4 now still no tightening.xx


oh! hun, bless you. Thinking of it, I think If i go past this week or max. next week I would be so disappointed :(. I want this baby out and now and I am sure we share the same feeling over it.

I hope you are drinking a lot of raspberry tea and eating pineapples :) good luck to you too, its not that far anyways !!


Ya rasberry tea as allergic to pineapple.x


U can get labour pains in ur back so maybe this is the start of something! Sounds Like the house is spotless! So All ready for little miss too appear! ! All the best xx


yay welcome to week 38 not long now hun. sounds like your nesting and have your energy boost make the most of it .xx


Hope you're right, I'm 40+7 today getting plenty of braxton hicks and pelvic pressure over the last week but no baby!!! Desperate for something to happen this weekend, want to go into labour naturally!! Good luck! X


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