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Update on midwife aopointment

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So after arriving 15 mins late for my appointment as i got mixed up with times, i was seen by a very nice midwife and student midwife. After the last midwife wasnt reslly sympathtic of my miscarraiges and didnt seem at all intrested in me, i was very happy that i have a nice one this time!

So far everything seems ok, ive had no bleeding (thank the lord) in this pregnancy and everything else is ok... Except my hydration levels.

The midwife was very concerne at the lack of fluids i consume, to the point where they couldnt even get any blood out of me. They tried everywhere but none came out until when they had to take it from the back of my hand for the 2nd time.

I drink about 4-5 glasses of liquid a day and eventhats a struggle as i just feel so tired and drained. I only wee abot once or twice aswell in a day which was a concern.

The midwife says i have to keep a diary of how much i drink each day for a week and then she says she wants to see me again to make sure everything is ok.

Apart frm that everything else is fine, i should be having my first scan in a couple of weeks :) as midwife says im 10 weeks and 5 days. Im excited but also a little anxious but i think everything will be ok considering the awful sickness still!

If there are snu tips on helping me drink more fluids as im finding it hard to bring myself to drink let alone eat, it would be very much appreciated.


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Aww so glad you had a lovely midwife and student. Its great when you have nice ones, ive been very lucky to have fab midwifes through all my pregnancies and a student delivered my third which was nice. What sort of things are you drinking? Water or juice etc xx bless you I know its not good in first few weeks but try and neck as muchas you can your body obviously needs it. Sorry to hear about miscarriage's ive been there to :-( not nice. All looks well this time and got your scan to look forward too :-) xxx

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I drink juice (ribena mostly or squash) i sometimes take water to bed. Its just a struggle for some reason x

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Hi drinking liquids is really important for a healthy pregnancy. maybe you may want to have a sipper (or couple of them) filled with various sorts of liquids (juices, water, smoothies etc).

I have had a relatively smooth pregnancy so far (except the back ache which is also because of an earlier event of RSI and Sciatica). And I have had no much cravings (except at two occasions) in my 38 weeks so far. And I think I can put that all to lots of water and lots of fruits. I have literally lived on water, juices and fruits so far (and that is also reflecting on my skin happily :) )

I was like you last year (before I got pregnant) and I literally and consciously forced myself to drink more water. First thing after waking up was to go to the kitchen and drink a whole pint of water (I got the pint glasses for drinking water ;) ). Even if I immediately throw it up or pass it out I would still do it (as throwing up and passing out is just a way of cleansing your body and water helps in it).

I would do the same thing every time I would go to the kitchen or grab something to eat outside (although people say, and its true that you should avoid drinking before and after eating).

and also i made it a habit to keep a sipper next to me while I sleep in night (that way I can sip on everytime my throat is dried while sleeping). That do mean going to the bathroom frequently and not having a continuous 8 hours sleep - but than I dont think any pregnant women ever manage to sleep continuously anyways, and there are lots of times in the night we wake up (even if its just to change sides - take it as an opportunity to drink water ;) ).

After a week of conscious effort, you would see the difference yourself, you would get so used to it, that it would be hard to imagine a previous you. And yup water brings a sure glow on your skin which nothing else can bring (kind of boast your morale when the pregnant body is failing the beauty popular beauty concepts otherwise - and also keeps the baby happy and healthy).

Also another opportunity to drink pint of water is when you are having your folic acid tablet - I use pregnacare, and I still use it, I have infact just ordered my pack of pregnacare new-mum and breastfeeding ones (and they are selling 3 for price of 2).

PS - Are you sure your mid-wife was not able to take your bloods because of lack of fluids, my mid-wives have never been able to take my bloods either, and a nurse has to do it for me from the back of my hand, but thats because mid-wives are not the most skilled in locating your vein. And I think it must be that, and she is just blaming it on water (mine did the same and even said that my iron levels might be low - which came out perfect in the test BTW )

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Ill try the sipper that sounds good. Thanks for that.

And yeah, they brought a nurse in and a doctor and they all struggled! I came out looking like a patchwork quilt! Ill take your advice on the sipper x

Ah good to hear and yes u must drink more! I'm Not a great drinker but was so thirsty in the beginning. ..nestle do a 12pack bottle s of water for £2 in tesco i always buy them and make sure I drink a couple a day even add juice if u want on top of tea and other drink. .. and I always take one to bed now x

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Yeah the boyfriends out getting some water bless him. Im just fed up of feeling like this! X

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Buy a big bottle of water and carry it with you in work or where ever and make sure that it has all be drank by the end of the day. The next day fill it up and do the same. That is the only way you will know for sure how much you have drank

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Thanks for the advice! I will take this on board. Work is tiring me out so water may help x

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Glad everything went well. I can sympathise I'm not big on drinks prefer tea to water but its ever more important that you listen and try to make a difference. Any idea on a scan date or does the midwife send off the referral for you? X

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Yeah i know what you mean. Im not sure yet, the midwife says ill have to wait for a letter which ill get in about a week x

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